1. jhtr20

    On line Ping fitting

    I was wondering if anyone has done the online fitting on the Ping website. Sitting around on a snowy, rainy, can't do anything because of covid Saturday I figured I would give it a whirl. Driver and fairway weren't a surprise, 9 degress G410 plus with a Tensi orange 60 stiff, fairway was the...
  2. jhtr20

    Would you wear a wife beater if you could?

    If you could wear a tank top, aka wife beater tee, on your golf course, would you? There are some obscenely hot days where I think I would. If they were allowed do you think more people would play?
  3. jhtr20

    Woodland signs with Wilson

    Just read Gary Woodland singed with Wilson. Great signing for Wilson especially if he plays well. Clarke mentioned Woodland has a Cortex driver with him in HI but didn't say it was going in the bag. I wonder with Wilsons recent acquisition if there is more dollars available for signings...
  4. jhtr20

    Anyone enrolled in Golf Body Blueprint?

    I'm curious and looking for any THPer feedback on Golf Body Blueprint. https://golfbodyblueprint.com/ With"10,000s golfers who have harnessed the power" I figure at least a few are on here. I'd appreciate your thoughts and experiences with the program.
  5. jhtr20

    Odyssey #1 Tank FS

    35 Inch Odyssey Tank #1 Super Stroke mid slim 2.0 grip Really nice condition I like the way it rolls the ball but I just aim a mallet better $100 shipped con US Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  6. jhtr20

    Guadalajara MX golf?

    Courtesy of my employer I get to spend two weeks in Guad. My first weekend there will be a three dayer as there is a MX holiday on Monday. Has anyone played there? I see there a few courses in the general area. Any information you could pass along would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  7. jhtr20

    What golf stuff would you do if you won Powerball?

    With the crazy jackpots in both Megamillions and Powerball, what would you do golf wise if you won? I know I'd take a couple of folks on golf trip of a lifetime, private jet, 4 star accomodations. Run down a bunch of the top courses "you can play" here in the US, then head to the UK and...
  8. jhtr20

    Shaft Gurus what would be the difference?

    I'm shaft pondering. My driver is fitted with a Project X HZRDUS Black 75g 6.0, what would the performance change be if I went to the 62G shaft in the same model? Wondering if distance would increase with the lighter shaft but thinking dispersion would increase as well. Comments welcome.
  9. jhtr20

    Play with your wife?

    Ya or Nay. My wife played for a few years, gave it up after an accident broke three of her fingers. I would like her to get back to the game, maybe to enjoy some warm winter vacations or just not to feel not so guilty spending an entire weekend day away. But then there is the flip side...
  10. jhtr20

    Rifle trim?

    Hi, would anyone have trim instructions for PX/TT rifle shafts, steel, standard length irons?
  11. jhtr20

    Another New England newbie

    Hi all, I've lurked a few golf sites for the last few years. I found myself drawn more frequently to THP so figured I should sign up and join the fun formally. I live in MA which like most of NE just was dumped on with snow. Golf will be a few weeks off for us. The good thing living here...

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