1. JLit

    Greenville, SC

    Moving in a few weeks, and just wondering if we have any THPers in the area. I'm all ears for golf course and golf scene news in general. Also, any areas to look for a rental home you suggest? Just as important, any areas to avoid?
  2. JLit

    A Story I Had to Share

    Sometimes pretty awesome things happen that you just have to share. Today at work, I witnessed one of those. This afternoon as I was making my rounds at the store i approached an older gentleman standing at one of our demo racks. At first glance he appeared to be of good health. After just a...
  3. JLit

    Sunice sizing

    Posted a question in the DotD thread regarding an outerwear sale, but figured I may get more eyeballs in a new one, and didn't find a clear answer via search. How does the Sunice sizing run. Looking at some pants specifically, packable, basic, or stretch. I'm usually in between XL and XXL, so...
  4. JLit

    Columbia, SC Advice: Possible Move

    Anyone in or from here? Looking for some advice on housing, golf, everything in general. Possibly moving somewhere in the NW part of town towards the Irmo area first of next year. Living in Charlotte, we're given the impression via media that Columbia is a pretty rough place in spots...
  5. JLit

    Carolina peeps, Tobacco Road opening this Sat 10/5

    Dhill, my brother, and myself are playing Tobacco Road this Saturday and our 4th had to cancel. Time is 12:40 and cost is $45. Who wants it?
  6. JLit

    FS: Callaway Optifit Adapters (2)

    Just as the title states, up for sale are two Callaway adapters. Having moved onto another driver, these were pulled from my existing shafts. Both are one-time pulls, complete with ferrule. One is in great condition, the second does have a small scratch in the ferrule (in the close up) that is...
  7. JLit

    FS: Nike Performance Polos XXL

    Closet clean out. I've dropped a few pounds since I bought these this spring and they're too big. All four are XXL and are the same style, Nike Performance Polo. All tags were removed and all but the blue have been laundered, and neither the blue or purple have yet to be worn and are as close to...
  8. JLit

    Big Break NFL: Puerto Rico (Spoilers)

    Just a little behind the scenes action from the Opening shoot. Can't wait to see my buddy Will tearing it up again! http://www.golfchannel.com/media/big-break-nfl-show-open-bts-091013/
  9. JLit

    sparksjr is solid

    Just have to throw some props out here for my man sparksjr. When he saw my post after I missed out on the THP tumblers, he quickly offered to send me one of his two. An awesome dude. Unfortunately, the USPS ruined the happy ending to this story. Even so, what an awesome gesture from a classy...
  10. JLit

    FS: Matrix Ozik HD Black Tie 7m3 stiff w/R1 adapter

    Up for sale, a Matrix Ozik HD Black Tie 7m3 stiff shaft with R1 adapter. It's a one time pull in excellent shape, was previously in a Callaway adapter for an X Hot. Shaft plays to 45.75" in an R1. Grip is a Lamkin R.E.L. 3Gen in gray, standard size. Grip is nearly brand new, only 10-15 swings on...
  11. JLit

    FS: X Hot Driver, 9.5*

    Up for sale is an X Hot Driver, 9.5*, with Graphite Design Aura Red stiff with Lamkin R.E.L. 3Gen red standard. This grip is in great shape, but does show some darkening around both left and right thumb area. Head and shaft are in excellent shape. Head has the slightest of marks on the face...
  12. JLit

    Hilton Head Island, 7/27-8/3

    After what was an interesting vacation planning, I'll be in HHI next Saturday for a week. If anyone wants to get in a round in the HH/Bluffton area, let me know.
  13. JLit

    Naples/Marco Island area: Good Family Vacation?

    Once again my Floridian THPers, I come to you for advice. Seems this is a little more laid back area for a nice relaxing vacation. Looks as if the golf is abundant for me, but how are the beaches, shopping, etc. for the wife and kids? If you've ever been to both Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head...
  14. JLit

    What's the one fashion rule you can't follow?

    This can apply to both golf and everyday fashion. What's the one rule that you have to break? For me, it's matching my socks to my pants if I'm wearing anything other than black or gray slacks. Throw tan slacks in there and I'm always breaking this rule. Just can't do it because I can't stand...
  15. JLit

    FS: Callaway X Hot driver 9.5 stiff

    Posting and selling this for a friend. Gently used X Hot 9.5 stiff driver, standard NDMC black/white grip, with stock stiff Project X Velocity shaft. Plays to stock length of 46". This driver has 3 rounds and 2 range sessions on it. Crown is perfect. Grip is like new still. Black finish on...
  16. JLit

    How many pieces unworn?

    Clearly we're all addicts here. My question is: how many pieces of golf apparel do you have that are unworn in your closest? For me, it's 10, 9 shirts and 1 pair of shorts. 4 of those 10 still have tags attached.
  17. JLit

    Gapping your irons?

    So I was working out my distances with the new to me MP-60s today on the LM and figured I'd throw this question out there. How much do you pay attention to loft when gapping your irons? Do you add or decrease loft to set your gaps to no end, or look at the swing if you find larger gaps...
  18. JLit


    Search came up empty other than a couple random comments so I apologize if this is a repeat. Anyone have any experience with Anatabloc? I finally stopped by a GNC to check it out and was a little surprised at the cost. I thought about giving it a try, but at $80 a month I'd really like to know...
  19. JLit

    Golfsmith Myrtle Beach Grand Opening

    Guys, just a quick write up to let you know the largest golf retailer has finally made it to one of the most popular golf destinations. Grand opening this weekend 5/31-6/2 with tons of giveaways and Hank Haney making an appearance next Saturday the 8th. And when you stop in tell David the GM...
  20. JLit

    FS: SeeMore Si3 33" chopped belly

    So I've found this insert is just too soft for me. This is an Si3 belly that was chopped down and plays currently at 33". It has a Super Stroke Ultra-Slim 1.0 that is brand new with only two rounds and headcover as you can see. Putter is in very good condition other than a few paint nicks on...

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