1. rallo

    Who overachieves the most?

    Spin off from the other thread, which pros do you think has out performed their talent? Maybe they've won more than other pros who have more raw ability or potential.
  2. rallo

    FS/FT odyssey milled #5cs and edel e1

    Priced to sell (shipped to continental US) E1 34" Very good to excellent (one scratch on sole) Comes w/ weight kit and cover $135 shipped Trade interests 4 wood: Rogue, exotics cbx, epic flash Swag headcovers Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  3. rallo

    Post your favorite golfing GIFs!

    Title says it all, what you got?
  4. rallo

    Bad day on the course? What type of music gets you out of that funk?

    Something about Hip-hop Barbecue can shake me out of even the worst rounds. What is your go to song or type of music when things look bleak?
  5. rallo

    FS: Bettinardi Limited JDM release Studio Reserve Wide Jam F

    Like new, never taken plastic off of the original grip or head. Shaft bands are in great shape. See pics for additional info Asking $500, at this price buyer will also receive an unused Bettinardi WM "Party On" headcover. (Note: display box has imperfections from original shipping).
  6. rallo

    WTB/WTTF Callaway Epic/Epic Sz/ Fusion head only.

    Looking to replace a buddy's driver and thought I'd try this avenue first. I currently have a shaft+ cally adapter. Looking for a RH head lofted around 10-11*. Would prefer a clean crown. I can offer an edel e1 torque-balanced putter or some cash.
  7. rallo

    Golf Club Price Increase

    Some of us were chatting about this in another thread, so I thought it would be interesting to bring the topic to the forum. Let's say a manufacturer increases their price on a new line over a previous model. As a consumer, what would justify this move for you? (ie, visible tech, adjustability...
  8. rallo

    What is your biggest pet peeve in a playing partner?

    Title says it all. What are some things that grind your gears when playing with others? My personal worst is someone with an extremely negative attitude... if it only comes out occasionally I can deal with it, but if it lasts for the entire round then it can really wear on me. What are yours?
  9. rallo

    Wedge preference: cavity or muscle?

    With the success of the Cleveland CBX, the cavity backed scoring wedges have become more marketable to amateur golfers, yet many golfers still play a more traditional muscle back wedge. What type of wedge do you play and why? Bonus: for those playing a MB wedge, would you ever switch to CB...
  10. rallo

    UST Mamiya 2017 VTS woods shafts

    Per UST Mamiya: Designed exclusively for the TSPX Channel through feedback from professional and amateur golfers. Comes in black, silver, and red for low, mid, and high launch respectively. A ton of performance for a reasonable price, IMO. What are you gaming or pondering?
  11. rallo

    Struggling with consistency, please help, Freddie

    I struggle with consistency, some days I am on and dialed in, and on others I look like I haven't swung a club in years. I recorded my swing, and feel like I saved some of the worst offenders in terms of my miss (left smother). Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance...
  12. rallo

    Non-Conforming Clubs Hypothetical

    Let's say that the USGA came out with a tier system involving Non Conforming Golf Equipment that split into 3 categories: Tier 1. Conforming clubs as they are now Tier 2. Non-Conforming clubs aimed at the intermediate golfers such as slightly higher COR drivers, Indi wedges, etc. maybe allowed...
  13. rallo

    FS/FT ProjectX Hzrdus T800 65g 6.0 (stiff)

    Comes brand new, never hit, out of a new GBB Epic. Pics show length(standard) and grip (stock golf pride). Asking price is $80 Trade interests: Black and Yellow Truvis Snell MTB Maybe some other things as well. Make me an offer, worst I can say is no[emoji481] Sent from my SM-N910V using...
  14. rallo

    #THPCallOut 2017 Golfever vs. Rallo

    wednesday, Wednesday, WEDNESDAY! April 5th 10:40AM The Course: Blue Top Ridge Riverside, IA The tees have not yet been agreed upon, but the Black and Purple rating/slope are 71.9/134 75.2/144 respectively. Golfever and I have agreed to play the match straight up as this will be his first time...
  15. rallo

    Happy Birthday, PhillyV!

    Wishing a happy birthday to a great all around guy, and a pretty good golfer. Enjoy the day, brother[emoji481]
  16. rallo

    Rallo WITB

    I'm waaay late to the party on this, which surprises no one, but I figured better late than never. Shafts Grips Ponders GBB Epic/Epic SZ 58* wedge with a little more bounce Tour Snsr contour
  17. rallo

    Iron sets (what are you looking for)

    How happy are you with your current set, and what would it take (performance, feel, look, etc) for you to purchase a new set?
  18. rallo

    Putter necks

    Whether they be plumber's, knucklehead, swan, or any other variant. What do you like, and what is currently in your bag? Have you shifted throughout your career? Does it impact your decision to purchase?
  19. rallo

    Iowa DE has guns drawn on him while playing PokemonGo

    http://collegespun.com/big-ten/iowa/an-iowa-de-had-guns-drawn-on-him-by-police-while-playing-pokemon-go Where PokemonGo, a college football player, and the recent police shooting intersect, what are your thoughts?
  20. rallo

    FS/FT Callaway tour issue XR 9.0*

    In very good to excellent condition. STD length, shaft measures 43.75" sans head. Comes with Callaway headcover, (I do not have original XR cover), callaway torque wrench, Midsized tacki-mac Itomic wrap grip. Looking for $95 shipped continental US. Trade interests: Callaway towels/coins THP...

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