1. tlowery88

    Nike slingshots

    I got my new slingshots today buy they all have a made in China sticker on the shaft, is this normal ? tapped from my incredible 2
  2. tlowery88

    I was thinking of ordering Nickent.

    The Nickent 3dx Rc iron set 4-pw and was wanting some opinions, also wondering if this is going to be much of an upgrade from my adams A2os set im currently gaming. Thank you for any input.
  3. tlowery88

    SVG Golf..

    Anyone try any of these so called knockoffs? If so are they any good, a local golf shop around here carries all their product so I was curious.
  4. tlowery88

    TaylorMade Burner HT Combo Irons

    has there been any sort of review on these? I could not find one.
  5. tlowery88

    cleveland cg4 irons

    anybody game these? I can pick up a set cheap and was wondering if I should. thanks for any input.
  6. tlowery88

    Watson Wedges

    Has anyone used the :adams: Tom Watson wedges? They come in a 3 wedge pack you can pick up pretty cheap and the local shop owner recommended them to me( however I am curious if he just wants a sale). So whats anyones opinion on these if they have played them or know someone who has.
  7. tlowery88

    Best Golf Apps

    I did not see a posting about this so I thought I would get everyone's input, whats are some of your favorite golf related apps for iphone, android, BB, etc...whether it be a gps, a game, a shopping app etc.
  8. tlowery88

    How do you get?

    Ok now i'm going to look like a noob here which to this site I guess I am, but how do you get the images in the WITB signature? There is no HTML...
  9. tlowery88

    Taylormade Burner

    Did not see a discussion on them so I was wondering peoples opinions on the burner superlaunch irons. Any owners?
  10. tlowery88

    Does anyone know..

    Does anyone know if there are any places that offer any sort of discount for purchasing a certain amount or perhaps a full new golf set at once? Probably not but I thought it might be worth asking since I will be in the market soon. Thanks everyone.
  11. tlowery88

    New Guy from North Idaho

    Hello fellow golfers, I found this site when I was checking out reviews on some of the new irons and saw the forum and decided to join in. :banana:

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