1. Elmave


    We went to some friends last night to see their new house. The basement isnt finished yet but he is a builder and has an area where he dropped the floor a foot so he would have a 10 foot ceiling that will allow for an area to install an indoor simulator. The best part was a 22 foot vintage...
  2. Elmave

    Ninja Foodi XL 6 Grill

    In the winter around here its tough sometimes to use an outdoor grill. Ive been checking out some indoor grill options. We have a Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Pressure Cooker and it is great. Anyone have any experience with this indoor grill or any other for that matter. I just wonder if they really...
  3. Elmave

    Shaft Position

    Ive been trying different settings on my Mavrik Max. On the course the other day decided to put it where i have always liked it. Experiment over. Neutral with stated loft (9 degrees). Wasnt paying attention and it was only after the round i noticed i had flipped the shaft and was playing logo up...
  4. Elmave

    Playoff Beards

    So me and some of the guys i golf with have decided not to shave and grow “ playoff beards” while this is going on. It should be interesting and probably entertaining. Something different to do for sure.
  5. Elmave

    Superspeed C

    Has anyone tried the Superspeed C. Looking at their sites i see that if you are already doing the regular Superspeed training they suggest using this in place of a regular session one of every three sessions. Love the normal Superspeed workout and am considering ordering this.
  6. Elmave

    Perfect Practice Putting Mat

    Picked up a Perfect Practice Putting Mat from ohksports.com. It is a great putting aid and i have found it really helps develop a solid consistent stroke. The markings on the surface help with alignment and gives you instant feedback as you take the head back. The concept is much like the drill...
  7. Elmave

    Speeder 661 Evolution III

    I have played a Speeder 661 in my last two drivers. Recently got a GBB Epic and am interested in the Speeder 661 Evolution III. Have read a number of reviews and am interested in it. Wondering if anyone has is using it and what they think. Also if you have previously played the Speeder 661 how...

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