1. Tevenor

    Wife surprised me with a driver fitting!

    Hit the purple then. That thing launches nicely! :D
  2. Tevenor

    CaddyDaddy First Class Travel Cover

    Thats a great looking cover.
  3. Tevenor

    Odyssey White Hot OG Putters

    So interestingly enough I still own my original Rossie White Hot XL from XXX years ago and I just happened to get my hands on a new Rossie and it feels different. I can't say exactly why. Feels better. Sound is similar but the new Rossie is a much bigger head that my old Rossi so maybe that...
  4. Tevenor

    First Look: Callaway Apex 21 Irons

    Can't wait to get these in my hands and hit some balls with them. even if only on a sim round.
  5. Tevenor

    Tour Event 2021 WGC Workday Championship at the Concession

    Love seeing Collin playing well.
  6. Tevenor

    Wedding Ring - do you wear it playing?

    I take it off when I play. I was noticing some serious callous buildup so I started taking it off when I play.
  7. Tevenor

    SWAG Putters Thread

    Let's see which one I get. 😁
  8. Tevenor

    SWAG Putters Thread

  9. Tevenor

    New Club Superstitions or Traditions?

    Nah....I am good.
  10. Tevenor

    I’m RPP and this is...

    Happy Anniversary brother! Can't wait for this year to progress!
  11. Tevenor

    Today... 9 Years Ago...

    Pete is a legend. And an even greater one in his own mind. What you see is what you get. Take it from someone who's met him and talked to him a long time ago. Nice guy off the lanes. Fierce competitor on the lanes.
  12. Tevenor

    The Official Banter Away Thread

  13. Tevenor

    First Look: Callaway Apex 21 Irons

    I am taking the same step in my Apex Pros. Moving from 125g stiff steel Obans to 110g Xstiff Recoils. During some recent testing I found that both shafts create the same ball speed from the same swing speed but the recoils dropped the launch angle and spin numbers a bit while still keeping...
  14. Tevenor

    First Look: Callaway Apex 21 Hybrids

    It's going to look dwarfed compared to the Super Hybrid.
  15. Tevenor

    Car Color: Yay or Nay

    Like the green hue!
  16. Tevenor

    Would you want a Happy Gilmore 2?

    Boo on the senior tour. Yay on a story about their teenage kids playing against in each other culminating in a Father-son tournament.
  17. Tevenor

    Newer Isn't Always Better

    Huh? :unsure: I don't remember any company promise 10-20 new yards in the last 3-5 years. I have seen ALL of them promise more forgiveness and faster ball speeds across the impact area vs needing to be so precise which ***Should*** equate to more average yards, not total peak yards. Improvement...
  18. Tevenor

    Tiger Woods in Car Crash

  19. Tevenor

    New Member from Canada (via South Africa)

    Welcome aboard!

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