1. billyh

    Help me choose what irons I want to play

    Right now the only thing going good with my golf game is my looks, and they’re not the greatest. So taking what @RealPretendPsychic started with his thread on how you keep golf fun I figured I’d post a poll of what irons I should play to make it a little more fun for me. I’ve got a couple of...
  2. billyh

    Does CT really matter in a driver anymore?

    With how advanced ball manufacturing has become is it still relevant to measure and limit the rebound-ness of a drivers face? They use a similar measurement with composite baseball bats (non wood) in college and below but is it really that effective? Unlike baseball, where everyone uses the same...
  3. billyh

    How much does your score go up with increased distance?

    Let's say you add ~13% to your normal course length. How much do you think you would shoot off your normal score? Here's my experience from today. So my home course from the white tees plays just at 5900 yards. The par 3's are 165~(x2) and 135~(x2). There isn't a par 5 in the 500 yard mark from...
  4. billyh

    Daytona/North Orlando area short course needed

    This year the family and I are going to visit my parents down in Florida. I was planning on playing a par 3 course in Daytona called the Oceans Golf club so I only had to bring a couple clubs. Is there any other par 3/executive courses in the area that would be worth it? We plan on playing next...
  5. billyh

    Iron shaft in a putter?

    I plan on having a little fun with a putter I have and was wondering why not. The putter in question is a .355 hosel with a straight shaft and there are WAY more fun looking iron shafts as opposed to putter shafts. Reading across the internet I’ve seen mixed views on it and I don’t hold any...
  6. billyh

    For Sale FS/FT TaylorMade M6 9* head only SOLD!

    As stated in Title for sale is a used M6 head. It was purchased from another forum member here and shows signs of wear but it decent condition. There is a paint chip on the topline and toe from it falling out of a bag and rolling around in my trunk. If wanted I can touch up the paint. Will...
  7. billyh

    Short lived sucsess or long term second?

    The most overrated thread got me thinking about players that either can't close it out, or just don't. So the question is, If you were a tour pro, would you rather have a career Grand Slam in a short 5 year career, or have a 20 year career with no wins but every tournament you entered be a top...
  8. billyh

    Golf is fun but with THP’ers it’s better

    Big thanks to @Carolina Dundee for the invite today! I’ve got to say, his ball flight off the drive is awesome! I dropped a couple bombs off the tee and was able to make some great shots too. It was a real treat to shoot my first legit sub 100 round today, and to share that experience with...
  9. billyh

    G Loomis graphite shafts

    I found these on the eBay and for the price I plan on picking them up if I don’t win a bid on some recoils. They’re for a little project I want to play around with so I’d like to stay cheap, but not throw money away. I’ve asked the Google and Siri about them and they’re pretty much useless even...
  10. billyh

    Push cart etiquette

    Tomorrow I’m going to be using a push cart for the first time and don’t know the “rules” or proper etiquette. Until now I’ve only ever ridden in a cart and never walked. So to not look like a complete turd I’d figure I’d ask here. What are the unwritten rules of where I can and can’t push it. I...
  11. billyh

    Non-conforming wedges

    I’ve been looking at picking up a non-conforming wedge or three to play around with. I’ve read the reviews here on the Indi Stingray, and reviewing their putter right now has me leaning to them. Is there any other wedges I should look at?
  12. billyh

    2020 Top Flight Gamer

    With all this talk about golf balls I figured I would bring this up. I didn’t see it posted anywhere else so I thought I would make a thread. I know some have used and loved the gammer balls from Top Flight and the last rendition (Gamer Urethane) left a lot to be desired. Has anyone got a hold...
  13. billyh

    How would you play this lie?

    This one happened to me on a solo round today. Hit a pretty decent drive off the tee only to find it like this in the fairway. It’s kind of hard to see, but it’s plugged a little more than halfway in the fairway. The first pic is from the front, the second pic is from behind. How would you play...
  14. billyh

    New to me blades

    A little back story on this. My wife and I both work for community colleges. My college is pretty much shut down, but hers still requires staff to be present until further notice. I picked her up from work early today and since we didn’t have the kids with us (thank you daycare for still being...
  15. billyh

    Stepping out of the shadows

    So... @JB made me realize how much of a lurker I am on this forum and I figured I'd give a little info about myself and try to invite you all to the gloriousness of Billy. It's very hard to see much other than black and white on an internet forum and reading dry humor is next to impossible, but...
  16. billyh

    New guy from Eastern NC

    I stumbled actoss this forum while trying to find honest reviews of some clubs I saw advertised on social media. I'm in my mid 30's and just recently picked up the game. I played baseball on a very competitive level growing up and thought golf was a dumb sport and boy was I wrong. Either way...

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