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    Taking more time and not delaying the game?

    I find that if I take more time with my shots whether it be on the green, tee box, or fairway, I play a much better game. Enough so that is can be 3-5 strokes better at times. The thing that I cannot figure out on these busy courses is how to do that without delaying others. I already feel like...
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    Set my retirement date and now all I can see is all the work I have to do around here!

    Well, I finally did it. I set my retirement date to March 31. I have done my SS, my Medicare, my budget, and all the other associated "junk" except for a few odds and ends. I typed up my retirement letter to give my manager. It just seems really weird to me, but I decided it was time because I...
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    Drivers - simply harder to swing and is the size or looks the problem with consistency?

    It makes sense that the larger club is harder to swing, yet why is it that some of us cannot work out the inconsistency with that club? I find that I can be fairly consistent throughout my bag even to my 5 wood, utility iron, 5 iron, etc., yet with the driver it simply is overall my most...
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    Courses and jacked prices for rounds.

    In my neck of the woods the majority of courses go on winter rates around November. Well this year I was shocked as hardly any went on winter rates and if they did it was a dollar off or something tiny like that. My local club even raised the membership fee by 200 dollars about a week ago...
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    Golf club insurance.

    The cost I have invested is really bugging me to get my golf stuff insured. I know my homeowners will cover, but really wanted something more. Do any of you insure your golf clubs? If so, with who, how much do you insure for, and what does the insurance cover (everything except tees and balls?)?
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    To retire or not, that is the question?

    Decisions, decisions, decisions! To retire or not to retire, that is the question? I admit, I am big time fence sitting on this and struggling to view it as a coin toss. When I state retirement, I mean from my public job. I reached retirement age (66) in October and thinking about retiring in...
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    Hard work versus equipment - the reality.

    So I am a bit of an equipment nerd, just a bit, not any full-fledged "try everything kind of guy" here, but I do a lot of research and study equipment to attempt to determine what is best for my game. The thing is, being in this world for 66 years has taught me that no matter how great the...
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    When you hit that one club really well.

    I am sure some of you have experienced this. The times that you hit that one club really well and should play it a lot more, yet you tend to play what you shouldn't. Well, I decided I was not going to do that when I played Friday and stuck to my guns. I wound up playing so much better golf that...
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    Hitting someone else's club better than your own?

    Have you ever hit someone's else's club better than your own? This year a guy I played golf with often got fitted and one of the clubs he bought was a Ping 22 degree hybrid. I don't remember the exact model. Several times he has handed me the club during a round and every single time I crush...
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    Interesting comment about one length irons.

    I play league play and one of the guys I play with plays Cobra one length irons, not the latest versions, but probably a couple years old. He is a lefty and has a solid iron game. We have played together numerous times throughout this year and the last time we played he made an interesting...
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    Golfing heel pain?

    Any of you every have heel pain in your foot? My left heel has been causing me some pain lately. I noticed it a few weeks ago while I was golfing, but wasn't bad at all and I figured just my heel might be sore or something. I played yesterday and it got bad on the back 9 and I was limping by the...
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    Ball striking purity, or another sweet spot thread - your call.

    So there have been a number of threads on the sweet spot or will add the words "ball striking purity." I wanted to pose questions and thoughts to see what you think. Having not been a long time golfer, only really started about a year and a half ago, but I have played a lot of rounds, hit...
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    Rory's fallible too?

    It was pretty wild watching Rory's two triples. It is one thing for us wannabe hacks to make mistakes, but I can imagine it must be a powerhouse of a mental challenge when you are recognized around the world the way Rory is. Rory is a fantastic golfer, has hit millions of balls over his career...
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    The Pros - hand positions when putting versus normal swing hand positions.

    Watching some of the PGA pros the other day and watching their hand positions while putting got me thinking about how many of us use that hand position for putting. First, what you will notice is that a lot of the pros that swing right handed use a normal grip for all the other clubs with the...
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    Playing the most difficult hole good and decent holes bad.

    So the contrast here is stinking up terribly on an easy hole and getting par on the most difficult hole on the course. During my league play this year I have had to play a number of courses I have never played before. This has also happened on courses I have never played on non-league play. I...
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    Twirling the clubs - hate it or love it?

    Ok, so while watching the PGA and LPGA (yes even some of the ladies are on the bandwagon) twirling the clubs does pluck my nerves at times. I mean once every now and then I don't really notice or mind it so much, but sometimes it becomes so noticeable it drives me crazy and I want to just go and...
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    WTB - Cobra F9 or SZ 3 hybrid or maybe other brand hybrid.

    Looking for a Cobra 3 hybrid (something around 19 degrees or possibly a 3 and 4 pair). Might consider other top end brands too. Throwing this out there in case someone looking to get rid of hybrids that they want to part with. I want to try one out and see how I do with it since some...
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    Realistic numbers.

    I am somewhat analytical with my distances because I want to play realistic golf, thus the title Realistic numbers. What I find fascinating is how much folks inflate their driver numbers. I play league golf and there are mostly older golfers which don't inflate their numbers much (when you get...
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    Are you guilty of overcompensating?

    Here are some possible scenarios that have happened to me and I am guessing I am not the only one. You hit a shot thin so you overcompensate and hit the next one or more way too chunky and lose the distance. You align too far left with your driver so the next one you hit it way right OOB. You...
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    The rookie mistakes - does practice fix them?

    Even the better golfers mess up, maybe just not as often as us wannabe golfers. As the title states does practice fix rookie mistakes. What I mean by rookie mistakes is you may be putting well, then all of a sudden you wind up with a couple 3 putts or even a 4 putt. Maybe you just hit it short...

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