1. Browns7213

    Best Ball Tracer App For iPhone?

    As the title says what is the best ball tracer App for iPhone? I read some of the reviews in the Apple App Store and they all seem to have has many bad reviews as good reviews.
  2. Browns7213

    Enter to win a golf ball compression tester

  3. Browns7213

    Enter To Win A Forward Golf Putter Grip

  4. Browns7213

    Dual Roll Double Sided Tape Dispenser Recommendations

    I saw this dual roll double sided tape dispenser on Golf Works, but the reviews and the durability do not seem very positive. I of course did a search, but came up empty for any other solutions. Anyone know of any other manufacturers that make a more durable unit?
  5. Browns7213

    Hacksaw Blade For Cutting Graphite Shafts

    A neighbor asked if I could cut down an old set of clubs for her grandson that is just starting out. There are some graphite shafts that need to be cut down and I want to be sure I get the right blade for my hack saw. Is this the correct blade that will reduce splintering? Thanks!
  6. Browns7213

    Golf Ball Giveaway

    I do not receive any benefit or additional entries from this contest. 996120291788120064
  7. Browns7213

    Win a MLA Golf Putting Mat

    I am not affiliated with this contest and do not benefit in anyway from sharing the link. https://twitter.com/infogolfgearbox/status/983379214907924480
  8. Browns7213

    FS-Big Moss Augusta 4'x10' Putting Green

    This is my first post in The Marketplace so I hope I have followed all the rules correctly. I bought a Big Moss Augusta 4'x10' green for my brother for his birthday not knowing his wife had already bought him one. Item is NEW in box. Paid $263+tax will sale for $240. Would prefer local...

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