1. Cmontgomery

    Swing Trigger

    How many of you have some sort of trigger to initiate your swing and what is it? Does it create issues? Have you tried to eliminate it? I have a forward press where I tend to regrip incredibly strong, ultimately making it incredibly difficult to maintain a neutral or have an open club face. I...
  2. Cmontgomery

    Loose Tip Weight

    My 4i has recently developed a bit of a rattle and can only assume this is a tip weight that has loosened itself. Do I have any options to repair other than completely dismantling and re-epoxying?
  3. Cmontgomery

    3W/5W or 4W?

    I’ve carried only a 4W for the last 15 years and always had room for 1 more club in the bag. There’s been a few times I wish I had just a few more yards with that club (and today’s clubs may just provide that), but never felt I needed to go 3W/5W. In fact, I just can’t convince myself that a...
  4. Cmontgomery

    Generating Swing Speed

    So @JonMA1 has a thread on iron swing effort that got me thinking about swing speed and how it’s generated. I’m a fairly athletic guy that feels like I put a lot of effort into my swing speed and feel like I fall way short on speed given the effort it seems I apply. Overall, my coach is...
  5. Cmontgomery

    Favorite GPS / Stat App

    What’s your favorite GPS / Stat app and why? I’ve used the free versionsGolfLogix and SwingU most recently. I tend to use them primarily for keeping my scores and less for the GPS as I prefer my range finder and hate carrying my phone in my pocket. The basic stats on how I perform to each par...
  6. Cmontgomery

    M5 / M6 Price Drop

    Looks like TaylorMade has dropped the prices on last years M5 and M6 line. Obviously this in preparation for the SIM line to hit the streets. Does this entice anyone to buy now or do you wait to hit the new SIM line? Personally I was pretty intrigued in the M6 but still think $500 is a bit...
  7. Cmontgomery

    THP Newbie

    Just wanted to say hey after lurking around THP for the last couple of months. I’m in the Nashville area and played golf for years but really just took the initiative to get better here in the last year or so with lessons and trying to practice and play regularly. I’ve certainly got a long way...

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