1. checkered

    Practice without facilities?

    I find myself in the situation that I don't have a golf course with a range/practice area convenient to where I live or work. Does anyone else have a situation like this and if so, do you make the trek to a facility that is out of the way, or do something else? Otherwise, are there things can...
  2. checkered

    Best non-rock album of all time start to finish?

    With JDax's rock thread I thought this might be interesting (and a way to build my playlist). Best non-rock album of all time start to finish? I'd start with: Michael Jackson - Thriller Bob Marley - Exodus Dr. Dre - The Chronic Eminem - The Slim Shady LP What say you?
  3. checkered

    Checkered - WITB

    Long overdue. Here's my current bag. Looking to upgrade the Scor wedges soonish, and probably should get that Cleveland 3W upgraded as well.
  4. checkered

    Make A Wish - Bearded Villains SoCal fundraising

    My brother is part of the Bearded Villains Southern California. For those that don't know, this is a group of bearded men that are "dedicated to the betterment of mankind through fraternity charity and kindness". They do a lot of great charity work, and particularly seeing what the group my...
  5. checkered

    FS-Driver Shafts, LH Scor 51 Wedge, LH Putters, LH Mashies, LH Cobra ZL encore head

    Selling some stuff to try to offset some costs I have over the next month with my best friend getting married. All prices are shipped CONUS. Willing to listen to reasonable offers or cut a deal for multiple items. Not interested in trades at this time. thanks for looking! first up a couple...
  6. checkered

    Choosing your "Home" course

    What matters most to you when choosing which course to be your "home" course? Doesn't have to be a course you are a membership at, just the one you consider home for your golf game. Do you just go with the closest to your home or work, or are there specific features of the course or amenities...
  7. checkered

    Paired up with a Beginner/struggling golfer

    Say you're paired up with someone that is clearly new to the game and struggling with their game. How do you handle the round? Do you try to avoid the subject when talking to them and let them struggle or try to give encouragement and/or tips? Do you try to play ahead to avoid the situation...
  8. checkered

    #THPCallout - SkiBumGolfer - Let's do this!

    Details: April 9th - Furry Creek Golf Course Gold Tees- Par 72 - 6025 yards Checkered gets 4 pops a side Tale of the Tape: SkiBum is a 14.1 (unless it's gone down since he told me last) Checkered a 22.1(ish) While have played many a round together we will be on a neutral course in a neutral...
  9. checkered

    WTB - Child's driver RH

    I am looking to replace a child's driver that was stolen from my front yard. RH child's driver, figure something that would fit a kid in the 5-9 year old range. I have no idea what price range to really expect, so let me know if you have one what you'd want. Thanks!
  10. checkered

    Movember 2014

    Well Movember ends tomorrow and I've let life get in the way of trying to get donations or posting about this. Just thought I'd post up how my mo turned out and ask if anyone else did this, this year? My Mo:
  11. checkered

    How fast is too fast?

    With the talk of speeding up play, I was curious, at what point does the speed of a round keep someone playing in their first few rounds, or someone that enjoys playing but doesn't want to put in the additional time needed to really get better, from being able to enjoy the round and not feel...
  12. checkered

    FS - LH Cobra ZL Encore with stock F1 stiff and B'Asha 4x shafts, Kusala Blue 72s

    I have decided on a driver shaft I am going to stick with so hoping to thin the herd to try to raise some money towards replacing my broken R11. Driver crown has some nicks from stupidly being put in the bag without the headcover. I've tried to get pictures showing these. Comes with rarely...
  13. checkered

    WTB - .335 R11 driver adaptor

    I am needing a .335 tip that will work with the R11 driver. I'm not picky if it's the R11, R11s, or RBZ ones that are compatible (I forget which are). I know I can get one from GolfWorks but wanted to check here first if anyone might have one sitting around they'd be willing to part with. Thanks.
  14. checkered

    Fujikura Inside the Show Sweepstakes

    http://perks.golfdigest.com/showcase/fujikurasweeps/ From the site: Enter for a chance to be Fujikura Golf’s VIP guest at the industry’s biggest equipment showcase. The experience includes roundtrip airfare for two to Orlando, FL, where you’ll stay four nights and have access to the Golf...
  15. checkered

    Pacific NorthWest Mini Get together

    SkiBumGolfer was kind enough to try to set up a little get together with a few of us in NorthWest Washington/Vancouver BC area. ArmyGolf, HokieGolfer, SkiBumGolfer and I got out to play Homestead Golf course (http://homesteadgolfclub.com/) in Lynden WA this morning. We played from the blues...
  16. checkered

    v8 golf cart

    Bubba may have his hovercart, but this is more my speed. http://blog.powerblocktv.com/golf-cart-modified-to-pack-v8/ :D
  17. checkered

    FS - LH Nickent 3DX Pro 3-PW TT DG HL R300 +.5 length std loft and lie

    I need to get these out as they're just sitting in a box taking space. Lefty Nickent 3DX pro 3-PW. Reshafted with Dynamic Gold High Launch R300's at half in longer than standard, standard loft and lie. Lamkin performance plus 3gen standard grips. These were played less than a season as I...
  18. checkered

    fighting depression

    I'll preface this with saying I don't intend on anyone trying to diagnose me or give me specific medical advice. So I saw the doc today about my insomnia. He seems to think I'm depressed (I'm not arguing there) and that it is an underlying cause of my insomnia. So, anyways...he's prescribed...
  19. checkered

    WTB - Box to ship driver and putter

    I need a box to ship a driver and a putter. Hoping someone has one they don't need I could pay a few bucks plus shipping to get it to me. I've checked locally and can't find anything and used the one I had to send a shaft to another THPer earlier in the year. Thanks.
  20. checkered

    Buying NFL Tickets

    So, I've never been to an NFL game before but *really* want to go to the Seahawks/Packers game this year since the pack doesn't usually come up this way, and it's a monday night game. Single game tickets don't go on sale till Aug 27, so I've been looking at whats out there on the ticket...

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