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    When to replace a club

    When are my wedges shot? I have a set of Clevelands, about 5 years old, and play about 60 rounds a year. When are the grooves done?
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    When to replace a club

    I just replaced my maybe 20-year-old three wood. The grip was shot. I got last year's model Tour Exotics Refurbished EXS for $140 and It Rocks. I played the whole round off the tee with it for a test run. The New tech is better, no doubt.
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    Photo Heavy The Food Porn Thread

    Miracle whip - Check! Pickles - check - usually straight pickle relish for me. Cranberries? Interesting! Ok - trust me on this: Same ingredients, but add dry Ramen noodles broken up small in the bag. Might have to add pickle juice or a bit more dressing. Adds soooo much crunch! Save the...

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