1. robrandalgz

    What kind of OEM release guy/gal are you?

    Are you hot to trot to get the latest and greatest? Or are you anticipating all the goodies that are getting ready to hit the re-sale market? I rarely buy ANYTHING at release (my budget just doesn't allow for it). It's hard to be patient and wait while all the cool kids are snatching up the...
  2. robrandalgz

    Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars: Anyone else take the plunge?

    I went to a local store to get my daughter some varieties of olive oils and vinegars for Christmas. I figured "Hell, I'll get her a good starter variety and see what she likes". $128.00 later My wife and I have a nice little selection, going too. Some of these combinations are absolutely mind...
  3. robrandalgz

    Shaft fitting?

    So my wife asked me for some Christmas gift ideas and, naturally, she asked me what golf stuff I might like. Now, I could give a laundry list of stuff to her but, for the most part, when I want golf stuff I buy it. So, I got to thinking. I really want to maximize the performance of my current...
  4. robrandalgz

    I'm curious........

    In reading another thread about gripping down, in an attempt to gain more control, I got to wondering how far down the average forum member grips down in their regular swing? Do you grip all the way down to the end of the club? Leave and inch? 1/2 inch? Does it change with other clubs? I'm...
  5. robrandalgz

    XP95s Vs. Elevate 95s

    I'm thinking about jumping a on a "too good to pass up" deal on a set of Apex irons. I currently play XP 95s and these come with Elevate 95s. Can I expect that the two shafts will play similarly from a weight and kick point standpoint? Thanks in advance.
  6. robrandalgz

    Heads up lefties (you've got a little time left)

    These have been going for a little over $210-215 for the past four days straight. LH King Speedzone Extreme. I HIGHLY recommend sniping. (y)
  7. robrandalgz

    THP Callout: robrandalgz VS. oumagic

    For a little background, @mtbloco is a sh!t stirrer. @oumagic and I used to crap with the door open, we talked about women, we liked to go on riverboat gambling trips, and we made our own beef jerky. However, a gauntlet has been thrown down. Brian as decided that we are mortal course enemies...
  8. robrandalgz

    Brooks Koepka "Guys are going to lose balls"

    I read an excerpt of an interview with Brooks this morning about the PGA playing without fans. One of the items that he hit on was the foul balls that players hit and there being no grandstands nor fans to help find balls. Koepka also predicted some higher scores. Without fans, there’s no...
  9. robrandalgz

    Callaway Imperial Golf Shoes

    I got a pair in my SP4 box this month. I haven't had a chance to try them on the course yet but first impressions are damned solid. Anyone have any experience with these shoes? Thanks in advance.
  10. robrandalgz

    So what will you be buying with your Trump golf fund....er, um relief check?

    I say that in jest but, if I come out the other side of this thing not actually needing to use this supposed stimulus check to actually survive, I think I could talk myself into investing a portion of it into new irons. Am I alone, here?
  11. robrandalgz

    What's would you give up?

    What's the line that you would draw to continue to play golf? It has to be important. For instance, would you give up eating meat? what passion in your life would you forego to keep playing? For me, the honest tough one would be playing my guitar and I can't decide if I could do it. I love both...
  12. robrandalgz

    How are YOU going to celebrate your Granddaddy selection?

    For me it's the Grandaddy logo tattoo on my calf or ankle (haven't decided which yet) and a huge blowout with my AZ THP family (and anyone else that wants to show up!). How about you? How will you celebrate or commemorate your selection into the greatest amateur golf event in the world?
  13. robrandalgz

    Attention to my AZ (or others willing to travel). Fundraiser for fallen officer at Torreon Golf Club (6/6/2020)

    My company is sponsoring a team for The Darrin Reed Foundation. He was a local police officer that was killed in the line of duty a couple of ears ago here. The event will be held at Torreon Golf Club. I know that this course is on he hot list of a bunch of my fellow AZ THP contingent. The...
  14. robrandalgz

    Do you play better with a group or alone?

    I'm finding, lately, that I play better with people than I do by myself. I'm not sure if it's the distraction of banter with others, or watching others play, or just seeing someone else' approach to a hole or a particular shot but I'm finding that I play better when I play with other people...
  15. robrandalgz

    What's your "go to" yardage?

    I've been working more on my course management this past season trying to hit to a yardage if I can (mostly on par 5s). I try to get myself to right at 100 yards, which is my full swing 54*, How about you, what's the shot that is ideal for you to attack a pin?
  16. robrandalgz

    If you could have ANY job..........

    in the golf industry (sans an actual PGA player) what would it be and who would you like to work for?
  17. robrandalgz

    It's time!

    My daughter is at the hospital. Granddaughter incoming!!!!!!:love::love::love::love::love::love::love:
  18. robrandalgz

    Do you game brands specific to a club and, if so, how many brands are in your bag?

    To clarify, when I first started getting into golf, there were certain spots in my bag that were kind of "reserved" for certain brands. For example: I would only play Taylor Made Woods, Callaway irons, Titleist wedges and Taylor Made putters. I'm not sure why I pigeon holed myself into these...
  19. robrandalgz

    How many golf bags do yo have?

    I've got two that I switch between. The Datrek Hybrid Go Lite that my wife bought me and the Hogan bag that @J.B. Cobb III sent me as part of a contest he held, here. I've actually considered getting a "cart only" bag. When my wife caught me shopping she said "Holy sh*t how many golf bags does...
  20. robrandalgz

    I know it's early but.....

    Anyone else as excited as I am for the Secret Santa?! This event was so fun last year. I'm already scouring "on the line" for stocking stuffers. Can't wait!?

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