1. ttucliffhanger

    For Sale Toulon Strokelab Las Vegas H7

    Toulon Strokelab Las Vegas: Has only seen a course a few times. Just don’t putt well with it. In pristine condition. Specs: -Length: 35” -Grip: Large Odyssey Toulon Grip -Neck: H7 (Flowneck) -Shaft: Strokelab -Price: $265 Shipped (NO TRADES)N
  2. ttucliffhanger

    @ttucliffhangers Driver fitting on 01/29/2021

    I have a driver fitting tomorrow at a place in Knoxville called Fairways and Greens. Of course my first choice is the new Callaway, but I’m going to go off numbers. I’m trying to get better and the best way to get better is using equipment that will help me. The fitting will be a combination of...
  3. ttucliffhanger

    Callaway EPIC Flash vs. Mavrik or Mavrik Max Driver

    So I’m contemplating moving from my EPIC Flash to a Mavrik or Mavrik Max. I moved to the Max fwy woods and it was a great move for me. They were a lot better for me than the Flash woods. Just curious if anyone else moved from the flash into a Mavrik and what benefits and/or drawbacks you saw?
  4. ttucliffhanger

    Johnston Gray Designs

    Has anyone ever ordered from this company. I ordered a Custom ball marker from them and I received a notification from them that it shipped on the 7th. When I look up the tracking the status still says pre-shipment. I have emailed them, and reached out to them on IG and Facebook and no reply...
  5. ttucliffhanger

    Winter Golf Gloves

    Looking for some good winter golf gloves as I don’t mind playing in the cold, just want to keep my hands warm. Anyone have any recommends from personal experience? Want to keep my hands warm, but not lose too much feel.
  6. ttucliffhanger

    Christmas Trees

    Here’s mine fellas, and yes I decorated it al by myself! Let’s see them! Best time of the year!
  7. ttucliffhanger

    Coffee for Wellness

    Ordered some of Phil Mickelson’s “The Good Stuff” from his Coffee for Wellness brand. I got the tub of 30 servings of it for $24.99. Came in today via FedEx and initial impression is it smells sooooo good. Hoping it tastes as good as it smells with coffee. Elected to just use my own coffee as...
  8. ttucliffhanger

    Sub 70 irons...

    Looking at some Sub 70 irons. Anyone here have the 699 pros or the 639 MB/CB combo set and what are your thoughts? I currently have the 2019 standard Apex. Just seen some chatter about these and got me wondering about them.
  9. ttucliffhanger

    Shoutout to Callaway Customer Service

    Callaway customer service has to be the best customer service I have ever dealt with. Had an issue with my Mavrik Max fwy woods. I originally reached out to @JasonFinleyCG and then after being told by my fellow Grandaddy team members I should have just called customer service, I reached out to...
  10. ttucliffhanger

    Best golf socks...

    What’s everyone’s go to for golf socks? I really really like the THP motion wool socks I got from Evolve that have the roll tab, but I don’t think you can just buy plain motion wool socks from Evolve. Suggestions y’all?
  11. ttucliffhanger

    Nike React Infinity Pro Golf shoes

    Anyone have these? Just wondering if they run small or true to size from normal Nike golf shoes. I have have worn a 10.5 in both regular and golf shoes from Nike but have read a couple reviews stating they run narrow or a little small. Just curious if anyone has some input as I have an...
  12. ttucliffhanger

    Odyssey Strokelab Women's line

    Anyone else just see this on YouTube and what are your thoughts? Kind of cool if you ask me. Think Odyssey will broaden the selection eventually?
  13. ttucliffhanger

    Falcon Fire Golf Club in Florida - Has anyone played it?

    I have a tee time with some guys in July at Falcon Fire Golf Club in Kissimmee, FL. We have never played there but heard good things about it. Has anyone played it and what are your thoughts?
  14. ttucliffhanger

    Golf in Norfolk, VA

    Heading to Norfolk, VA for 2 weeks for the Navy and should have some free time. I fly out tomorrow, May 17th. Any recommendations on courses? Taking my clubs with me.
  15. ttucliffhanger

    For Sale UST Helium Silver Driver Shaft

    UST Mamiya Helium Silver Driver shaft F4 59g - Only 4 rounds on shaft and grip - Grip (SuperStroke S-Tech) 4 rounds on grip - Callaway adapter - Length 43.75" (With head will be 45.5", which is standard driver length) - $75 (includes shipping)
  16. ttucliffhanger

    Hobbies Outside of Golf

    Just curious what everyone's hobbies are outside golf? I am into motorcycles. I know, I know, another expensive habit, but I do all the work on my bikes myself. Here's a couple pics of my current bike. 2017 Kawasaki Z900. Just did an exhaust mod on her. Did a full system. Headers back to the...
  17. ttucliffhanger

    Halo Neuroscience

    Not sure if anyone has seen this yet but it popped up in my IG as I was scrolling. Do you think this actually works?
  18. ttucliffhanger

    ttucliffhanger 2018 Grandaddy Fitting experience

    So, @PhillyV took some video of part of my driver fitting while at ECPC and I wanted to share the video and writeup from my fitting since this was my first ever fitting. It was really cool to see how the fitting worked and to hear the fitter's (John) feedback based on what he was seeing and what...
  19. ttucliffhanger

    FS: Tom Tom GPS Watch / New Balance Golf Shoes

    Tom Tom GPS Golf Watch. Still works great. I have reset it to factory settings and whoever buys, I will log in to the profile, update name and email and set generic password and you can change to your own password. Paid $250 brand new. Charger included. Shows hazards, distance to hazards...
  20. ttucliffhanger

    FS: Scotty Cameron Select M2 ($275)

    Scotty Cameron Select M2. Comes with headcover. $275. NO TRADES!!! Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk

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