1. Goins

    " I've left for the 2012 outing! " Thread

    I know we have some heading down to Florida in the next day or so. Let us know when you head out and please everyone be careful and have a safe trip!
  2. Goins

    Who's going to Quail Hollow?

    I bought tickets for the Wachovia at Quail Hollow for Sunday the 6th. Is anyone else heading out? Also to anyone who has ever been, do you have any tips on parking and what time to get there? Or any tips in general would be great.
  3. Goins

    Golf coverage on the radio

    I am about to drive back to Georgia and was wondering if any of you knew an app or site where I could listen to the coverage from my phone? It should be a good round today!
  4. Goins

    Happy holidays!

    I just wanted to pop in and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving! I've been away for a bit, been busy building a nuke plant. Hopefully ill have a little time to be active around here again.
  5. Goins

    Shortening my backswing

    Anyone who has played with me can attest to the fact That I have a backswing That would give John Daly a run for his money. After hearing that its costing me distance due to deceleration through the ball I'm trying to shorten it. I'm peaking in speed before I get to the ball and starting to...
  6. Goins

    windows xp repair virus!

    Well it appears my computer is sick. It has the repair virus and I can't get it to do anything. I started it up in safe mode with networking but the virus still wont allow it online. Any ideas from you guys that deal with this stuff?
  7. Goins

    Bagboy Automatic Push/Pull Cart

    I've been wanting a nice push cart for a while now to help get in shape and knock some of the costs of playing golf down. I recieved a gift certificate for Dick's and thought this would be a great time to purchase one. To be honest I had full intentions of buying a clicgear but they were sold...
  8. Goins

    Online Education

    I am in a discovery mode right now. I make a nice living but have to travel and am away from home months at a time to do so. I'd like to find a career that keeps me home with my girls more. I have seen the commercials about Devry and Phoenix and was curious if anyone has tried this route for...
  9. Goins

    FS/ Taylormade Burner 2.0 Irons, 4-AW, Stiff Steel, RH

    Irons no longer available
  10. Goins

    Xbox or Ps3?

    The new Tiger Woods game has me wanting a new gaming console. Which one would be the all around best and why?
  11. Goins

    FS: Taylormade Burner 2.0 Irons, 4-AW, RH Steel Stiff Shafts

    These irons have about 6 rounds on them and are in excellent condition. I'm going back to graphite shafts and need to unload these. I'm asking $450 shipping included, firm.
  12. Goins

    Off to work!

    Well ladies and gentlemen, and TC. The time has come for me to go to work! I will be on a 7/10 schedule so not much fun for me until the outing comes. I'll try to pop in from time to time to see how things are going but for the most part I'll be away until the First of May. I just wanted to...
  13. Goins

    Free registry cleeaner?

    Does anybody know of a truly free registry cleaner? It seems that while I was away the wife played on the computer and it needs a cleaning bad.
  14. Goins

    FS: Nike VR Full Cavity irons, 4-AW Stiff RH

    These irons have seen 4 rounds only and are in perfect shape. They only have normal wear with no serious damage. The shafts are DG S300 high launch shafts and the lofts and lies are standard. $200 plus shipping, CONUS only.
  15. Goins

    Greenbrier Classic (spoilers)

    I thought we should atleast have a place to chat about it. So who are your picks? Here's the field http://www.pgatour.com/tournaments/r490/field.html
  16. Goins

    Is it too late for Duval to be dominant again?

    Like the title says, has too much time gone by for him to regain the form he once had? Me myself I would love to see Tiger, Phil, and Duval slugging it out again. I think it's highly doubtfull.
  17. Goins

    Swing overhaul

    The time has come, I'm tired of my driver holding my scores back. I have changed my iron swing and have never hit them better so I am going to do the same with my driver. I have always had a Daly like back swing going beyond parallel and I also lift my left heel off of the ground, I'm a...
  18. Goins

    No love for the Barclays?

    I figured with Phil in the field we would have seen something about this tourney. Looks like Darren Clarke is playing well not to mention John Daly!
  19. Goins

    Hello from Virginia

    Hello all. I just stumbled on to the site yesterday while searching for a driver comparison and glad I did. I've been playing for about three years now and have finally started shooting in the mid 80's consistently, still a work in process. The place looks great and I look forward to fitting in.

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