1. JohnSinVA

    Post Up Your Putting Games

    Golf is hard and we all need to practice as much as we can to improve. But practice implies repeatedly doing drills over and over again, which gets boring, which makes us not want to practice and we're back to being terrible instead of merely bad :alien: So, to avoid the cycle of boring drills...
  2. JohnSinVA

    Overhaul Your Bag

    THPers love equipment; that’s evident with even just a quick glance across the forums. We all have our favorite brand(s) and go to clubs but let’s have some fun with that. Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to overhaul your bag. The rules are simple and few: 1. Your overhauled bag...
  3. JohnSinVA

    FS: Two dozen Titleist AVX

    Thinning the ball board a bit so these are available. $40/doz or $75/both shipped. If by chance you’re interested in the Rogue hybrid I have for sale in another post PM me for a package deal.
  4. JohnSinVA

    FS: Rogue 2H in stock stuff

    FS is a Rogue 2 hybrid, 17° in stock stuff shaft. Picked this up and used it for last fall. In good condition with some wear on the leading edge from the range mats. Would probably rate VG from CPO. Asking GONE
  5. JohnSinVA

    Happy Birthday, stemmy66

    Enjoy your fifty-somethingth birthday, Porkins. [emoji512]
  6. JohnSinVA

    How Long Since Your Personal Best?

    We all have one, but how long has it been since you shot it? I posted mine last March, so I’m 18 months since my best round. How long has it been since yours?
  7. JohnSinVA

    Fall DMV Unofficial Outing - Proposed 6 October at TBD

    EDIT OF ORIGINAL POST Cancelled. Lack of interest. The below foursome is encouraged to find a spot to play and have at it. In Like Flint @pjleduc @golfinnut @hackitup @Jdibart
  8. JohnSinVA

    FS: Balls, balls, balls.

    I’m moving out of character and going all in on the AVX, which I was fitted into at #UltimateTestingWithTitleist, so I’m clearing out my hoard of various balls. What’s available is what’s pictured. Urethane balls: $28/dozen for single dozen, sleeves shipped CONUS in USPS small flat rate box...
  9. JohnSinVA

    RIP Harold “Tubby” Raymond

    http://www.wdel.com/news/former-university-of-delaware-head-coach-tubby-raymond-dies-at/article_6ae174ea-dc57-11e7-af59-5f4baa761e21.html I faced his teams throughout my career and they were always well disciplined and well coached. RIP Tubby.
  10. JohnSinVA

    WTT F7 driver head for F7+

    Wanting to try the F7+ in actual play, rather than indoors, so I am looking for someone out there who may have an F7+ but might want a little more spin/forgiveness. Head is gloss black. Two apologies are some streaks on the bottom which likely can be rubbed off. Also there is a scratch at the...
  11. JohnSinVA

    What is your putting practice routine?

    Most of us don't have a great deal of time to work on our games, and we have to squeeze as much work as we can into whatever time we have available. Let's say you had 30 minutes of practice time you could dedicate to working on the flatstick, what is your routine?
  12. JohnSinVA

    FS: Callaway, Wilson Staff irons; W/S wedges

    Callaway XR Pro 4-AW. 5-7 and 9-A have Matrix program F15 95 stiff shafts, 4,8 have project x 6.0 graphite shafts. Originally received as 5-AW from another THPer, the 8i shaft cracked near the hosel my first time out. The project x was a quick fix until I could find a replacement f15, but it...
  13. JohnSinVA

    RIP Keion Carpenter

    Looks like just a freak accident... Former NFL player Carpenter dies aged 39
  14. JohnSinVA

    Unofficial May Outing at Wisp Resort in Western MD

    This is a slightly edited version of a proposal that was originally posted in the DMV thread but I am starting this thread as a feeler/planner and for more general consumption since this particular destination is pretty accessible to folks in other threads as well: Gentleman, I realize Winter...
  15. JohnSinVA

    Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's clubs

    Okay, we've all done this: seen a nice driver or good looking set of irons and wanted some in our bag. For me it was J4U's PTx irons (followed closely by his SubZero driver). So THPers, what clubs of thy neighbor do you covet (and have you gotten them for yourself yet)?
  16. JohnSinVA

    Album Covers: Post up your favorites

    We buy music to listen to but part of the experience is the cover artwork. So, if you have an album cover you appreciate for the cover art, whether or not you're a fan of the music underneath, post it up. This is one of my favorites - Supertramp, "Breakfast in America"
  17. JohnSinVA

    Sunday, Dec. 7

    "1941 - a date which will live in infamy - the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan. The United States was at peace with that nation and, at the solicitation of Japan, was still in conversation with the government and its...
  18. JohnSinVA

    Hydraulic Press vs Golf Gear

    Sorry if this is a repost but I found this a fun watch: 804168305137229824 Now I understand what it means to "fully compress" a golf ball :alien:
  19. JohnSinVA

    RIP Dennis Byrd

    Former Jet who recovered from a hit causing paralysis was killed in a head on collision: http://es.pn/2eaR2fO
  20. JohnSinVA

    ProLaunch Red iron shafts

    Can any of our resident shaft experts shed some light on this particular shaft? I've done some searching but tapatalk isn't all that effective for me. Golfworks calls it low launch but doesn't have any meaningful info outside of that. I'm just looking for some more specs on it (weight, etc.)...

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