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    FS New Ping Tour 65s Shaft

    Sold. Please close
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    FS Shimada K's-3001 Pulls with new Golf Pride Grips

    Creating a new listing for these since they now have new grips on them. I'm selling a set of Shimada K's-3001 Pulls. They are regular flex. Set consists of 5-pw. They are .355 taper. They have nearly new Golf Pride Tour Wrap Micro Suede Standard grips. Lengths from grip to tip are: sold
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    FS New Level Combo Iron set

    $360 shipped. Who wants to give these a try?
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    FS New Ping Tour 65s Shaft

    Good afternoon. I'm selling a brand new Ping Tour 65s shaft that came from a brand new Ping G425 driver. It has a new Arcos sensor in the grip. Length is approximately 44 3/16". Adapter is still on. sold
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    Favorite Protein Powders?

    I like Quest. Salted Caramel and Cookies and Cream. Great for Keto too
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    Cobra RADSPEED Drivers

    425 SFT just came in. Here are some comparison pics.
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    Opinions on this wedge?

    I have a spot for a 48’ wedge. Looking at this Eon Sports TW. Thoughts?
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    Cobra RADSPEED Drivers

    Got mine yesterday. Can't wait to hit it!
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    New toy

    Thanks for all the comments. No. They are from Japan (I live in Clearwater). For specs, please see attached. An no, I didn't not get it from Tourspec and pay Tourspec prices! https://www.tourspecgolf.com/eon-sports-giga-hs797-utility.html
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    New toy

    Eon Giga HS797 27* Hybrid. We'll see how this goes.
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    Cobra RADSPEED Drivers

    Bought an XB the other day AND a G425 SFT. So I can compare
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    FS New Level Combo Iron set

    Let’s try $375 shipped
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    Cobra RADSPEED Drivers

    Oh well. Just bought a Peacoat head. Going to reuse my House of Forged Quicksilver shaft. Hopefully this will be the one!
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    Cobra RADSPEED Drivers

    Oh man. I know. I'm pondering a Eon Giga HS797 since I can get at a good deal, but for the cost I can get an XB. But then I keep going back to, is it that much of an improvement over my Xtreme?? Help!!
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    Cobra RADSPEED Drivers

    Serious ponder on the XB. already decided to unload my Xtreme. It’s either this, or I get another wild hair and get another JDM driver
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    Eon Sports Giga HS797 Driver

    Shot in the dark, but does anyone have experience with this driver?
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    FS Shimada K’s-3001 Iron Shaft Pulls

    These now have nearly new Golf Pride Tour Wrap Micro Suede Standard Golf Grips on them if anyone is interested. PM me
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    Another Ironfactory refinish

    Thanks! It's too pretty to hit, so I just look at it!

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