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    What Golf Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Played 18, THPed, and washed clubs for Sunday's round. A guy in our group got his second ace today. I've witnessed 5 and none of them came a result of my swing!!!
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    Putting with the flagstick in. Yes or no?

    Proud member of The Old School.
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    What did you shoot today?

    40-39 - 79. Had it rolling on the back 9 but finished bogey - double - bogey. A couple of poor putts and two full shots away from 74 or 75. Trying again tomorrow!!
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    Today... 9 Years Ago...

    Do bowlers wear “golfer” green reading glasses? Maybe they help bowlers read the boards.
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    What's for Dinner?

    Rolling on Delta in First Class tonight. Call me old fashion but airplane meals were better in 2019. :) Good news is I’m heading to FL and will be on a golf course this weekend.
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    2021 Round Count Thread

    Spent a week on the frozen tundra so round count remain is stuck at 17. Hoping to play Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
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    Do you think 6,500 yds is a long course?

    Variables aside, 6,400-6,500 is what I typically play.
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    Best Girl Scout Cookies

    Thin Mints!
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    The Official Banter Away Thread

    Only the unprepared. 😀
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    I got Paired with a 12 Year Old Kid

    Great story. I was paired with a 12 y/o about 4 years ago. He was definitely good for his age and enjoyed the game. Flash forward to 2020...he’s one of the best HS players in the state, won several AJA tournaments in 2019, and is already being recruited to play college golf.
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    Congrats: You Are Headed to Vegas

    Congrats on winning this awesome trip.
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    The Official Banter Away Thread

    -22 in MN this morning. Good news is temps will be almost 60* warmer by the weekend. If it doesn’t kill you, then it will make you stronger.
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    Tour Event 2021 Pebble Beach Pro Am

    Lashley is making Sergio look calm, cool, and collected.
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    The Official Banter Away Thread

    Boarding a plane in a few minutes. The temperature delta when I land is 90* (!!!!) colder. Hope my northern blood is ready for this jolt of reality. 🥶
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    2021 Round Count Thread

    9 rounds so far. Only playing once this weekend.
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    What did you shoot today?

    Which courses did you play? FL golf can be tough on a scorecard. Wayward shots typically result in penalties because of water, lost ball, or the jungle.
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    No Golfing Today Here In Chicago

    I can confirm this snow storm missed FL. 80* and sunny today. :)
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    Those who’ve moved to Florida - hate it/love it?

    I'm an economic refugee who moved to FL about 3 months ago. I'm in the Port Charlotte area for convenience and family reasons but spend a lot to time in Sarasota. I definitely like it there because the city is more active, better restaurants, nicer golf courses, and we enjoy the arts. Still...
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    What did you shoot today?

    Played 36 today. Similar rounds - 40/43 and 40/44.

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