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    Rules question: team match play

    Curious how THPers would rule on the following situation. I'm playing in a team match play event at our club. We scheduled the match and I looked up our opponents on GHIN.com (we didn't know either guy). GHIN.com says their indexes are 7.0 and 9.0 the night before our match. Our side is 2.1...
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    Rules question about chipping/putting a drink in your hand

    Situation: I’m playing a member-guest tournament. Each flight has 6 teams and the format is 9-hole matches against your pool. The winner of each pool advance to determine the tournament champion. One team has an interesting character. Some might say he’s a super-Richard. The serious part of...
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    GPS cart with camera capabilities

    As we all know, cameras are everywhere. According to some outlets, the average Londoner is captured on CCTV about 300 times per day. The average for Americans, in major urban areas, is about 75 times per day. Is golf one of the next frontiers? One of the guys in yesterday's group...
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    Travel & Extra Round Thread: 2019 Ultimate Club Testing with Titleist T Series Irons

    Travel & Extra Round Thread: 2019 Ultimate Club Testing with Titleist T Series Irons The Ultimate Club Testing event with Titleist will be upon us in 39 days so planning needs to start asap. Anyone arriving before Friday? Who's staying until Monday? Who wants to share a rental car? Anyone...
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    Do you use a valuables pouch or a pocket in your golf bag?

    The TV cameras followed Henrik Stenson for a few minutes after he finished Saturday's round at the Scandinavian Invitational. He reached into one of his bag pockets, pulled out a valuables pouch, and headed for the scoring table. Do you use a valuables pouch, a pocket in your golf bag, or...
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    How much do you talk to your match play opponent?

    Match play is my favorite game. Our group plays it all the time and I also entered several singles and doubles tournaments this summer. I subbed on a league team last night and it got me thinking about how people approach their opponent. I'm typically a chatty guy and genuinely enjoy meeting...
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    Preferred Golf Weather

    Autumn is coming fast and it usually brings some of the best golf weather of the year...or is it? Describe your favorite golf weather conditions. Does one of the following capture it? A.) Temps under 60 degrees, gusty winds, cloudy and occasional light rain showers. In other words, ideal...
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    Review: Bagboy T-10 Travel Cover (Bridgestone edition)

    The 2019 THP Bridgestone Championship at Firestone kicks off on Friday evening, July 12th, in Ohio. Eight lucky THPers and four Bridgestone Golf marketing pros will travel to Akron from near and far. Bridgestone Golf generously provided each participant with a travel cover and golf bag...
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    Suncoast Golf Trail (Bradenton, Port Charlotte, Sarasota, and Venice)

    Does anyone have a Suncoast Golf Trail card or are you familiar with the program (suncoastgolftrail.com)? I'm planning to spend time in North Port this winter and thought about buying the card. The primary benefit is a $10 discount on most of the courses. The price is only $50 so it wouldn't...
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    Review: Aldila staff bag and travel log

    If you can’t be good, then you should look good. I embrace this mentality as a tongue-in-cheek expression about looking the part. If you want to look like a ‘golfer’, then you need a staff bag. Please note I didn’t say you have to be a good golfer to have a staff bag. I was extremely...
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    FS: Srixon z565 driver, 10.5*, UST ProForce V2, R Flex

    Purchased this Srixon driver new about 2 months ago. Driver includes head cover and wrench. Loft adjustment is +/-1*. Used 4 or 5 rounds and several range sessions. There is a small mark at 10 o clock on the club face. Hard to see it in the photos...small but present. Shaft photos capture...
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    Bushnell range finder, replacement case

    Does anyone have a retail suggestion for buying a range finder replacement case? I'd like to buy a new case from Bushnell but didn't see one on their website. Also checked Budget Golf and Amazon. Just curious if anyone made a similar purchase. Thanks.
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    Guy sinks putt at MN Golf Show for $100K

    This guy had a great visit to the Golf Show. $100,000 = $75,000 pontoon boat + $25,000 cash.
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    FS: Callaway GBB Epic, 9 deg head + UST Helium Shaft with THP logo

    Built this club in June and it didn't work for me. Bummer! I've tested the club 4 or 5 times at the range. The UST Mamiya shaft is a Helium HE5F4. Below are the specs from the UST website. Description Flex Weight Torque Launch Butt OD Tip OD Tip Parallel Length Helium 5F4 S 58g 5.5°...
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    1st tournament - what did you learn?

    Lots of posters play numerous tournaments and have been doing so for many years. A few weeks ago there was an interesting thread about memories from their first THP event. This made me wonder about the biggest lesson/memory/takeaway from your first tournament. I'm a complete newbie. In...
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    Golf streak – do you have one?

    Do you have a golf streak going? If so, do you own the streak or does it own you? In March 2012, I started a consecutive month streak. This isn’t a challenge for southern golfers but it’s a different story if you live in the north where courses usually close in November and open in April. My...
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    Streamsong advice

    I searched the forum and collected numerous pieces of useful information for a golf trip to Orlando and Naples during the first week of November. We're staying, and playing, at Disney for 4 days and then driving to Naples for 4 more days of golf. Our plan is to play Streamsong Red and Blue...

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