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    Tour Edge Exotics EXS 220 Driver

    Thanks, touch out of my price range when they start at $40k
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    Tour Edge Exotics EXS 220 Driver

    I see the software is e6, what launch monitor is that on?
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    Were You Fit For Your Current Driver?

    Yes, even though it was a free Golf Galaxy fitting, seeing the shots with different drivers and shafts was eye opening for my swing
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    Flightscope Mevo+ Review

    Agree with @JB all radar based systems struggle with extreme limited flight. Camera based launch monitors (Foresight GC2 & Quad, Uneekor, Skytrak) need a few feet to take a few pictures of the golf ball and determine launch conditions. All lower priced launch monitors are sacrificing...
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    Flightscope Mevo+ Review

    Did you buy something else? Full Swing Kit or GC2? Or waiting to see what else might come to the market in a year?
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    Tour Edge Exotics C721 and E721 Irons

    When will THP have these in hand and be allowed to show comparison pics and launch monitor data?
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    Tour Event 2021 Pebble Beach Pro Am

    I'm not sure I follow what so funny about this
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    Srixon ZX5 and ZX7 Irons Review

    GC2 doesn't measure club speed, so smash factor is either am estimate or set by the store at 1.36
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    The Jordan Spieth Thread

    "You don't need to swing out of your shoes" "Play to your strengths" "Scrambling every hole adds unneeded stress"
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    Garage golf Simulator setups

    Fair on that point with the 3rd party software, if never using the skytrak software.
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    Garage golf Simulator setups

    You can use E6 connect, it that's either $300 or $600 per year (in addition to the $100) for courses available on an iPad. Yes the Mevo+ has the advantage there with the 5 free E6 courses and no annual fee. Look on the bright side, Trackman charges something like $2k/year (granted that's a...
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    Garage golf Simulator setups

    I've heard Mevo+ has interference issues with garage doors if hitting towards them, not sure if there's been a solution found or if you're hitting away from it.
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    What are your favorite golf shoes?

    Nike Lunar Control golf shoes, yes the old ones
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    The Jordan Spieth Thread

    Agreed, some of his tee shots were off the planet, but I don't think he can win today with scrambling
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    The Jordan Spieth Thread

    Sadly, I'm thinking collapse. I'd love to see him win, but after a 61, the next round for almost anyone seems to be lackluster
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    The Official Patrick Reed thread

    Without the "volunteer stepped on Reed's ball announcement" it makes this even worse. However, aside from signing the wrong scorecard DQ argument, didn't he win by enough that a one or two shot penalty there is irrelevant? I don't agree that he may have cheated and got away with it, but had...
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    SkyTrak numbers

    If it was a skytrak the smash #'s are useless as the club speed is calculated
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    USGA and R&A - Distance Rollback Proposals

    JT said he thinks the governing bodies of golf are being selfish because of the way the tour pros play the game. Bryson said he's ok with them looking at change, because he'll still be the longest on tour
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    USGA and R&A - Distance Rollback Proposals

    Love the comment from Rory...also Harbour Town is a relatively short course and the bombers don't seem to win there
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    USGA and R&A - Distance Rollback Proposals

    Rather just put a 10 foot tall shrub right next to the tee box? I'm ok with that too

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