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    Callaway SuperSoft gripe

    My favorite ball for the price and my default. That said, I cannot finish a hole with a new ball and not have it be scuffed. Is it just me, or are they less durable than most? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Need a new pushcart - Looking for help

    I’ve now gone through two Clicgear models. I loved the 3.5 (three wheels). Eventually the break wore out after several years of use. Happy with the 3.5, I purchased the 8.0, which did not fold as compactly and was more difficult to handle and less intuitive than the 3.5. And I saw no...
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    Any tips for dealing with down leaves?

    My last round I must have lost 6 balls in the fairway and first cut of rough due to down leaves. The courses cannot keep up with the falling leaves this time of year in the northeast. Any tips for not losing so many balls this time of year? I've tried yellow balls and they seem to hurt more...
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    Gleneagles help

    Any thoughts as to which of the three courses is best suited for a 22 handicap who generally enjoys easier, wide open courses over tighter, harder ones? Which course do you think would be best? King or Queens? Is the PGA worth the extra pounds? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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