1. scooterguitar

    Adams Super Hybrid or?

    First of all, it has been a looong time guys and gals! Hope all is well with the old crowd. Glad to see this place has exploded into something great:D I've been playing, but not club ho'ing like before. Still set with my bag from last year...almost. I'm looking to drop last years Cleveland 19*...
  2. scooterguitar

    Taylormade Supertri w/ 2 shafts! Miysakai Kusala!

    Bought this from a local authroized dealer. It comes with paperwork, tool, and headcover. Slight typical play wear on sole and face (always worse on black finish!) Top is mark free. Comes with stock Motore stiff shaft that had Iomic Opus X grip (green.white) Also Miysakai stiff shaft with proper...
  3. scooterguitar

    Myrtle Beach

    Big family vacation next week to north Myrtle...had planned on many rounds, but one of the golfers is flying in later and the other might not be able to play at all due to an injury...so...if anyone on here is in that area and would possibly be up for a round say anytime next week (20th-24th)...
  4. scooterguitar

    Iomic grip review

    I've seen this grip come up from time to time on here so I figured I'd chime in with some of my views. They are exspensive and can hardly be found anywhere but online, so maybe it will help. FYI:I've tried most grips out there the past several years, almost always went back to the GP...
  5. scooterguitar

    Medicine ball

    Old tip, but thought I'd share....I've always had issues with completing my follow through. Bought a 10 lb. medicine ball and it it is helping. Pause at top of backswing and let the ball naturally guide most of your swing/follow through. My warmup routine is he;lping this year, as I'm not one...
  6. scooterguitar

    FS: Fybris HS, Nike VR Wedges, T.P. MIlls Soft tail

    Wilson Fybrid HS 24* stiff...hit maybe 15 range balls and three times on the course, w/hc. $100 T.P. Mills Softtail 34.5 (plays as a 35 IMO though) w/hc and midsize white Iomic, $225 Nike Vr Wedges 56/60 r/w/b Patriot GP grips with some life left. I believe I had the 56 bent down to 54, but am...
  7. scooterguitar

    Nike OZ

    Well, killing some time yesterday in GG...tried lots of putters...First of all, really liked the way the new Methods roll the ball fyi. I picked up the winged looking oddball Nike OZ model 6 for a laugh...well, I think I might get one! Anyone else use this line?
  8. scooterguitar

    Hit the new Titleist irons today!

    Wow, very, very impressed! Tried the AP1 710, AP2 710, and the new bladey and cb thingies. Also the Kombi. I mostly spent time with the Ap2 710's. I am 99% certain these will be in my bag come spring her ein cold Ohio. I didn't gel with the current version, but the little refinements in this...
  9. scooterguitar

    Nike VR combo set irons! Splitback and TW Blades!

    Combo set, custom ordered from Nike. Bent 1* upright, std. length. DG S300 shafts. Golfpride multi-compound grips black/white, lots of life left (say 2/3rds life left) 2 tape wrap under. Irons show typical chatter, but not too bad. No real face wear or issues. PW has one small ding on lower...
  10. scooterguitar

    Old Eye 2 square grooved wedges!

    Wow, borrowed one from a pal today and geesh, these things are great! The sw was so easy to hit from all lies. Anyone playing?
  11. scooterguitar

    Dear THP, new Cobra...help us!

    I never have asked such a question, but can you please do some real digging and get us some info on the new Cobra S2 irons being released 9-1 please? No one has anything other than very basic stock photos, no descriptions to be had. I'm think the S2 forged are looking sweet, maybe add a few of...
  12. scooterguitar

    Divot Tools

    I have several nice divot tools and I keep most in my bag, but rarely do I even use them. Always seem to have tees in my pockets so that's what I usually end up using. Anyone else similar?
  13. scooterguitar

    Speed Stik, Big Stick?

    Looking at Dustin Johnson's ag previos issue of Golf Digest, he mention the Big Stick training aid... All I could find was Big Stik on ebay? Same thing or? Anyone try one?
  14. scooterguitar

    Ball revelation!

    So, me and my old swing speed (90-105 on any given day) tried a 2 bacll sample of last years Nike One Blacks this past weekend. I played about six rounds and wow! I know they are deemed for higher ss, but dang if my balls (all clubs) didn't go longer and straighter. Much longer off the tee for me.
  15. scooterguitar

    Bed shopping, anyone?

    Time for a new bed. My wife has been hating our current one. I'm intrigued by the Sleep NUmber bed. Thought about Tempurpedic, but heard they are bad for retaining heat. Now sorta thinking just get a nice regualr sping coiled bed with nice pillowtop. Any random thoughts, likes/dislikes are...
  16. scooterguitar

    I let up tonight...

    Right, wrong, or? IN league, I was getting several strokes today. I casually know my older opponent and like him, good old boy. I was swinging pretty well, basically shooting par. I felt bad...but because of all the nights I was doing well. I let up the last several holes mentally, since it was...
  17. scooterguitar

    Scotty Newport...Brand new! FS low $

    Got this on big trade I did with authorized dealer. I rolled a few putts on my carpet. Plastic on grip yet. 35" As new...$235 shipped Sorry no trades
  18. scooterguitar

    Rules ?

    Yesterday in league, a wild drive came flying into the par 3 green we were on. This has nothing to do with our group, but I'm curious. The tee shot came to rest on the neighboring hole's green. Both holes run parralel over ponds. Obviously the guy was to move his ball w/o penalty. Thing is...
  19. scooterguitar

    Whoa! The stuff be'th here

    Adams Tour issue PNT 2 hybrid! Wow, took a chance first ever "tour issue" club, but it fit the bill. Another level! I'll take pics tomorrow, but wow the thing kills.:cool:
  20. scooterguitar

    Your help is needed...loft

    Ok, stumbled upon a hybrid and it replaced my Wilson Fybrid (I really like) 19.5. Adams Pro Gold 20* with Matrix Ozik (love these shafts). Basically, the trajectory is more boring and it is longer for me than the Wilson. In my mind, I know the gaps this will help with when my 3w is too long...

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