1. GregDan

    FS - Liquidation sale! Everything must go!

    Alright I'm finally going to move some of my extras just laying around and everything must go! All prices include shipping to lower 48 and PayPal is preferred. Shipping confirmation will be included after payment has been received. Please don't hesitate to make me an offer or if you have any...
  2. GregDan

    FS: Callaway Apex 4 hybrid (23°)

    Decided this didn't fit into my bag very well so I thought it should go to a new home. Only played for 1 round and a few range sessions. Minimal wear from normal swings. Plays to standard length and has a Fujikura Speeder 865 in X flex with a lamkin crossing grip. Asking $160 shipped to the...
  3. GregDan

    GregDan - WITB

    Here is the current setup as of today. Will be changing here soon but I felt these deserved a bit of showing off. Driver: Callaway XR 9° w/UST Mamiya Helium F5 3w: Callaway XR16 14° w/UST Mamiya Elements Chrome Hybrid: X2hot 20° w/UST Mamiya iRod Callaway 21° X-utility prototype w/KBS tour...
  4. GregDan

    Callaway A-15 Club

    I got something in the mail today that I thought was pretty awesome. I had no idea Callaway was doing this and I am pretty honored to be able to receive one of these. It's a bag tag with the new Callaway logo and has A-15 and my initials hand stamped on it. The letter states that the A-15 club...
  5. GregDan

    FS: Shafts, golf balls and distance measuring devices

    So looking to thin out the hoard a bit to get some stuff I really wanna get for the upcoming season. I wont make this too picture heavy but if you would like additional pictures just ask and I will be happy to snap a few extra. All prices include shipping to the lower 48. Not looking for...
  6. GregDan

    FS: Putters from Odyssey, Wilson Staff and Nead

    Too many putters and not enough time to game them all, so I want to send a few off to good homes. I wont make this too picture heavy but if you would like additional pictures just ask and I will be happy to snap a few extra. All prices include shipping to the lower 48. Not looking for trades...
  7. GregDan

    To Sign Or Not To Sign

    So an interesting scenario happened to me last night and I'm curious as to what everyone else thinks. so in the league I play in, twice a year we have a "fun night" and scramble teams are made up based on handicap in the league and you must use one drive from each player at least once. so...
  8. GregDan

    FS: Super spring sale! A little bit of everything.

    Trying to clear out a bunch of stuff just lying around. Not really looking for any trades right now, but might be open to one if you have something. All prices are PayPal only and includes shipping to the CONUS. All offers are negotiable but please be respectful. extra pictures in...
  9. GregDan

    FS: Callaway driver, FW, hybrid

    Have a few things for sale that I am sure should get a lot of interest. All priced items will include shipping to lower 48 States. Feel free to make any offer but I am not looking for trades at this time, unless it's too good to pass up. Additional pictures will be in spoilers. First up we...
  10. GregDan

    FS: Callaway driver, 3w and irons

    I have a few things here that are just collecting dust and need a new home. All prices are OBO so please feel free to make an offer. All prices include shipping to the lower 48. First up is a Callaway RAZR Fit Xtreme driver. 9.5° and has a Miyazaki B.Asha 5x shaft in it and plays to 45.25"...
  11. GregDan

    WTTF Callaway X2Hot hybrid

    Just going to throw this out there and see what comes my way. Looking for a Callaway X2Hot pro or standard 4 hybrid. (22 or 23). I have tons to trade and am sure we can make a good deal for everyone. Just some things I have: Cleveland Classic driver Callaway RAZR fit extreme Xhot 3w Lots...
  12. GregDan

    FS: Odyssey Metal X Milled Versa #9

    Up for sale is a MINT MXMV #9. This has seen maybe 5 rounds of golf. Not a scratch or nick on it. It truly is like new. Plays at 35" and has a SS mid slim 2.0. Shipping is free to CONUS Headcover and weight kit included. Asking $275
  13. GregDan

    Happy Birthday T2GRN18

    Happy birthday, Kevin! Hope you had a great day!
  14. GregDan

    WTB/WTTF Callaway MackDaddy 2 wedge

    Looking for a 50° wedge in preferably chrome but slate would do as well. Length/Lie/shaft doesn't matter as I will take care of that on my end. As far as trade options, I have everything. Just let me know what you are looking for and I am sure I will have something that will work. Let me...
  15. GregDan

    Help with alignment

    Mr. Kong I need some help if you wouldn't mind. I have always struggled with alignment, woods and irons, and usually it takes me quite some time to get it straightened out every year. My question is what should I be doing to get my alignment right? I have heard many different ways to find...
  16. GregDan

    FS: Cleveland Classic 3H

    Up for sale we have a very clean Cleveland Classic 3H 20.5*. Used for only a half a season so there is a little wear on the face but other than that is it very clean. No marks on the crown and the sole is still very nice. The shaft in it is a Miyazaki C.Kua 83x and plays to the stock length...
  17. GregDan

    Want to be Marty McFly?

    How cool would it be if you owned a hover board like Marty did in Back to the Future? Well you just might be able to very soon! www.huvrtech.com Or can you? Turns out Will Ferrell is smashing the dreams of millions. I know I am looking forward to owning one of those bad boys. But it's gonna...
  18. GregDan

    Biggest White Lie That You Have Told To Your Significant Other

    So what is it? Did it have to do with a big purchase? Was it to go play golf and get out of going to a baby shower? I know I have told a few over the years and I am sure there will be another here and there, but I wanna hear what yours are.
  19. GregDan

    Having A Caddie During Your Round

    I know there may not be a ton of people out there that have had the experience of golfing with a caddie, but if you have, what are your thoughts? A useful addition to the round or just a frustration that can throw you off your game?
  20. GregDan

    How Do You Know It's Time to Make a Shaft Change?

    I was having this conversation with my Dad today, and it was pretty interesting. How do you know when its time to man, or woman, up and realize you just can't swing like you used to? When do you find that its time to go ahead and play a softer flex to fit your swing a little better and get a...

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