1. erock9174

    For Sale Tour Edge E521 5 and 6 Ironwoods

    Up for sale is a nice set of Tour Edge 5 and 6 Ironwoods. Stock length, lie and loft. With matching covers. Condition: lightly played no major marks. The 5 cover has a little tear as pictured. R flex stock Fubuki shafts in both. Winn size (midsize??) Nice mid iron replacements. How...
  2. erock9174

    WTB Ping G400 Max 10.5 head

    Hey guys, I’m looking for a clean G400 Max 10.5 head to do a bake off with my g400 standard head. Let me know what you got and a price.
  3. erock9174

    Giveaway - Tour Edge E521 3 Iron Wood

    As part of TEEm Tour Edge I received this club however it didn’t quite work out for me. Post by 8am 2/8 to put your name in the hat if you’d like to continue testing this for the forum. I’ll pick one person at random. Albatross Club members only. It’s a 3 IW with stock Fubuki Reg flex. more...
  4. erock9174

    WTB Callaway Mavrik, Fusion or Flash 10.5 head

    Looking for a Callaway 10.5 head. Preferably a Mavrik, Mavrik Max, Flash or Fusion. Needs to have a pretty clean crown and top line. Let me know what you got before I go to CPO or eBay. also might consider a SZ Xtreme 10.5 head too thanks
  5. erock9174

    Does Golf Pride have any new grips coming soon?

    Got a coupon to use up for a free set and was wondering if Golf Pride had anything new dropping before I pull the trigger.
  6. erock9174

    2021 Club Prices - Full sets

    Inspired by @Jason89er Sticker shock thread, I got bored and went online and looked up what full sets would cost from each OEM. In his thread he was pricing out a Driver, 3w,5w,7w,5h,6h,7h,8-LW. Granted this set makeup wouldn't apply to everyone but I thought it would still be fun to price it...
  7. erock9174

    Anyone have a Distal radius (wrist) fracture? Impact golf ?

    Hello Found out today that after some months of wrist soreness I have a small left wrist fracture. I can still swing a club without much pain surprisingly but wondering what the doc will likely to do fix it. Cast ? Wrist brace ? had an X-ray. Next step is an MRI but they’re pretty sure after...
  8. erock9174

    Tour Edge EXS Pro line gets extended

    Got this email from Tour Edge just now.
  9. erock9174

    Cleveland Wedges - "Personalize" option gone ??

    A few weeks ago I was looking at the CBX2 and CBX Full Face wedges. For both, there was an option to personalize these with different color paint fills, name stamping, etc. Now in the custom area of each club the "personalize" menu has disappeared. Anyone know if Cleveland discontinued this...
  10. erock9174

    Tour Edge C721

    Saw this on Tour Edge's Twitter page. Also in another tweet they mentioned the EXS220 replacement was being tested on the Champions Tour. Was wondering if these C721 is the EXS replacement??? Anyone got the low down or a release date?
  11. erock9174

    WTB Iron set 5-GW stiff shafts

    Looking for a used set of irons for my brother. Not just shafts. He wants a 5-GW set with stiff flex shafts. Std length. Not looking to break the bank $300-$400 with $400 as his limit. it’s time to replace his old Adams a4 irons. Let me know what you got.
  12. erock9174

    WTB Callaway hybrid shaft

    Looking for a Callaway hybrid shaft with the latest Optifit 3 adapter to fit hybrids like the Epic Flash, Bertha 2019, etc. Reg or Lite flex around 65g or so. Let me know if you got anything laying around. thanks.
  13. erock9174

    PXG 2021 0211 irons

    Saw these dropped today. At $115/ea a pretty solid value there. https://www.pxg.com/en-us/clubs/irons/0211
  14. erock9174

    A golf hat as a training aid ????.... bear with me ....

    So this is weird but on the course and range I have tried wearing my golf hat backwards and with a normal swing, especially with driver, I always knock my hat off if worn backwards. I’m guessing it’s because I don’t get a good extension with my arms after contact on the follow through. I think...
  15. erock9174

    WTB Rangefinder

    Played a quick 9 and lost my Bushnell Tour V2 with slope in the leaves (had an orange case/wrap on it). 😞 If anybody is getting rid of a rangefinder let me know. got this as a Father’s Day gift years ago so pretty bummed about losing it.
  16. erock9174

    Cobra Radspeed Drivers hit the USGA list

    Radspeed V1 Radspeed V2 Radspeed XB Radspeed XD
  17. erock9174

    WTB Cobra F9 One Length 5h

    Looking for a clean F9 OL 5h to try. R or Lite flex.
  18. erock9174

    Limited edition - Ping PLD Prime Tyne 4 putter

    Looks like these came to retail today. Previously difficult to get unless you visited Ping and paid $1000+ Ping PLD Prime Tyne
  19. erock9174

    Question of the day

    Fat Rickie or Pat Perez ???? Who ya got ?
  20. erock9174

    erock9174 - WITB

    As of 9/30/20 In my Pearl Liberty bag: Epic Flash 12* Epic Flash 7w and 11w Exotics Xrail 5h PXG 0311 SGI 6-SW Cleveland CBX 60* Callaway Sure Out 64* Bettinardi BB29

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