1. Khaot1c

    Pelican Point on Tyndall AFB - closed

    When I get to go TDY to another base, away from home - I usually drag the clubs with me to take advantage of any off time. I've played Pelican Point a few years ago and it was (at the time) a good experience. Close enough to get in a quick 9/18 after work (with the day light that was left) and...
  2. Khaot1c

    WTB: Project X 5.5 "Black" with insert for R11S driver.

    I'm looking for a Project X "5.5" Black driver shaft for my R11s.
  3. Khaot1c

    Please confirm that Taylor Made Red and Green TP adapterss are same tip size

    Just like the title says, I just need to confirm that my research is accurate. That the red and green Taylor Made TP Adapters will accept the same .350 shaft size.
  4. Khaot1c

    WTB: 9* R11S head

    I need an R11S head. that is all.
  5. Khaot1c

    Need a " Turn - don't SWAY drill "

    Anybody have any good drills for eliminating the a lateral SWAY? Seems i've managed to convert the TURN into a SWAY which of course feels perfectly natural but is leading to all sorts of issues.....If i have to buy some materials, that's fine too.
  6. Khaot1c

    WTS: TaylorMade Stand Bag "Hybrid" series

    WTS: TaylorMade stand bag I picked up early in the season. Used it a few times, but mostly on a golf cart. So, I switched to a true CART bag. Haven't gone back to this one so I want to move it out of my garage. Would like to get $50 out of it, and the buyer will have to pay the shipping cost -...
  7. Khaot1c

    Any Sky Caddie Breeze owners out there?

    Curious is there are any Breeze owners out there willing to take on a few questions. I'm curious if; A) The electronics are any faster than the SGX. SGX seemed VERY slow to boot and access other pages B) How the 'upgrade package' teirs work. Do you get the package once, or do you pay a...
  8. Khaot1c

    It's not

    ..ok but Let's say you hit your tee shot to the corner of a dog leg, that's also over a slight hill. There's no OB markers and no hazards (water, sand, or overly thick vegitation that would yield a ball unplaybale) When you get to the site - you can't find the ball. You and your buddy...
  9. Khaot1c

    FS/FT - Oakley Blue Iridium Fast Jacket XL Lenses

    I have a set of lenses that I put in my Fast Jackets and used in a couple rounds of golf. Since then, I've decided to go with something different. There are no scratches and I'll include the Oakley microfiber lens bag you see in the picture. I'm open to all kinds of trades (like a dozen...
  10. Khaot1c

    Golfsmith / TMG demo day - 7 July

    Any THPers going to the TaylorMade demo day on 7 July at the Golfsmith in Plano?
  11. Khaot1c

    We all mess wth computers...

    This day and age we all mess with computers. I've been doing it since I was in 7th grade, and back then it wasn't cool to own one, let alone look like you were having fun messing with them. A few years ago, I was doing hardware reviews for a Tech Website which stayed alive a lot longer than...
  12. Khaot1c

    Anyone ever use Cool Clubs fitting services?

    I was looking around for club fitting services and found one called Cool Clubs. http://www.coolclubs.com It seems they differ from other services in that they don't just fit you for one particular model of irons. They have data on several shafts and club head models from (what looks like) a...
  13. Khaot1c

    My 'first' offical GHIN: Should I use ESC or not ?

    Up until now, I've been using the Handicap index that Skygolf provides when I upload my scores. But of course, local courses won't take that when I want to play in the events that require an established GHIN. So, I decided to go the offical GHIN route this year. It's also incentive to play more...
  14. Khaot1c

    New to THP

    Hello! What a cool place ya'll have here! Obviously I'm just a little new here and the paint is still drying on the profile I set up, but this is exactly the kind of internet golf stop I've been looking for!! I'm looking forward to many repeat visits.

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