1. RxGus

    Photogs & Videogs

    This past year, before my trip to Africa, I picked up photography as a new hobby. I am not as much of a gearhead for photography, but I was curious if there where any other photogs here in the great THP nation... and what they were shooting. Nikon 5100 w/ Rainbowimaging quick strap Nikkor...
  2. RxGus

    Too fat to die?

    A story that is coming across the news feeds here in cleveland involves a convicted killer on death row who claims he is too fat to be executed... http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/09/18/13937310-convicted-ohio-killer-im-too-obese-to-be-executed?lite My favorite quote: "any attempt to...
  3. RxGus

    Planned Absence

    As many of you are well aware, last year I vanished to africa only to re-emerge just before the outing this year... Well, the time has come for me to return to Africa! I am leaving tomorrow, to spend the next two weeks on a medical mission trip to Ghana. I will be going with my wife, my...
  4. RxGus

    100 holes for Hospice

    From my local area: http://thepostnewspapers.com/medina/golf-for-hospice-Medina-7-30--submit- Pat completed his rounds earlier this week: 100 holes in 7:17 4:20/hole 1:20/round He ended up raising $25,000 for Hospice of Medina County. That is a lot of golf... and a lot of money!
  5. RxGus

    My Big Weekend!

    As I am sure many of you know, one of the (many) reasons I was absent from the boards for a time was I had somehow managed to find a beautiful girl who actually liked spending time with me! I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth... so I spent most of the last year courting this girl. It...
  6. RxGus

    Quiros- Practice Round Ace

    This one is for JB! Practice round at the US Open #7, 288 yard Par-4 http://www.golfchannel.com/media/live-from-us-open-olympic-club-061312-alvaro-quiros-hole-in-one/ Stupid advertisement Awesome Shot
  7. RxGus


    A great story that was making the rounds this weekend here in Ohio has finally hit the national media Prep runner carries foe to finish line http://espn.go.com/high-school/track-and-xc/story/_/id/8010251/high-school-runner-carries-fallen-opponent-finish-line I love stories like these. It...
  8. RxGus

    A special announcement!

    As some of you may know- a large part of my absence around here happened to be the result of a certain young lady that I have been running around with the last 6 months or so. Girls are such a sink-hole of time... However, despite such time constraints- this weekend I made it official that I...
  9. RxGus

    A Triumphant Return!

    It's funny to type "return", because I don't really feel like I have been "gone" very long- but when I look at the calender it is pretty amazing to me just how much time has passed since the outing at the end of May. 3 months later there is very little in my life that is the same as when I...
  10. RxGus

    Keurig vs Tassimo

    I am in the market for a small coffee maker and I was wondering if anyone here had experience with these two systems. About my use: I drink about 2 cups of coffee a week. I have put off getting a coffee pot mostly because I never have a need for a full pot on my own. However, it isn't uncommon...
  11. RxGus

    Bubba in White

    I didn't see a thread posted for this so I thought I would start it... Bubba is wearing "Wimbledon Whites" all four days at the masters. I actually really like the idea and think that it is a cool tribute to the "other" country club sport. I am however, surprised that Travis Matthew isn't...
  12. RxGus

    What Tournaments are THPer's going to see?

    What PGA stops are THPers planning on attending this year? Any big events in your area that you always go to? I am looking at going to WGC- Bridgestone invitational at Firestone CC. I went a lot when I was a kid with my Dad but I haven't been back since I really became serious about golf. The...
  13. RxGus

    Al Davis

    I saw a video clip of his press conference today announcing Jackson as the new head coach. The man looked like he was on his death bed. So the question becomes- when will Al Davis give it up? (Note: the question is not when SHOULD Al Davis give it up, as I am pretty sure that happened 10...
  14. RxGus

    I feel like an internet golfer...

    There is a pervasive saying around here. "The numbers don't lie". If that's the case, I am in a LOT of trouble. This winter I decided (for lots of reasons) to buy a large pack of Golftec lessons and really hammer out my swing. I had gotten myself down to a 14 handicap by the end of the season...
  15. RxGus


    Scary Site- Name, age, address, phone numbers, value of your house, relationship status, estimated credit score... www.spokeo.com If you can find yourself, copy your URL and click "privacy" on the bottom right. You can remove your information. I don't really want people seeing my estimated...
  16. RxGus

    GPS Dilemma

    So... I thought I had everything figured out and now I am second guessing myself. What do you THPer's think? I have been using my iPhone for a golf GPS and have generally been pleased. However, it does kill my battery and it seems to take longer and longer to sync up the distance and so I have...
  17. RxGus

    Professional Success!

    I don't normally toot my own horn, but I am freaking excited! I took a HUGE professional test in October and have been waiting for the results now for almost 2 months. I got my letter today saying that I passed, and did so well above national average. This turns out to be a good thing because...
  18. RxGus

    Revitalizing Waterproof Fabrics Review

    Those of you who have gotten to know me pretty well the last 8 months or so know that Golf is my second love that requires great performance apparel. LONG before I seriously golfed, I backpacked (and still pretend to) and I backpacked a lot. If you think you need goo rain gear on the course-...
  19. RxGus

    Brick + Mortar Putting

    I ventured into a B+M establishment today to pick up some new golf balls and as I always do I ventured to hit a few irons, swing a few drivers, and take a couple of putts. What I was surprised to discover was... I hit 5/10 putts from ~25 feet. I tried a different putter. 5/10 from the same...
  20. RxGus

    Sligo Fall line previews in facebook

    HOT! I need that belt!

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