1. Drumdog

    I can golf again !!

    As most of you know, I had both knees replaced this winter. (right-10/28, left-12/9) I saw the surgeon this afternoon and he released me to play golf again! The snow has melted here and a couple of courses have opened up. I'm not sure if I will get to play, but at least I will find a driving...
  2. Drumdog

    Tiger doesn't look good

    Tiger didn't look very good in the interview with Jim Nantz. Maybe too many steroids for his back?
  3. Drumdog

    I'm back !!

    I've been off THP for a couple of weeks due to having my left knee replaced. I am happy to say that the surgeon said that while it was a tough surgery due to the sad shape of my knee, it was successful and I should make a full recovery. I have never felt that type of pain before. I have had...
  4. Drumdog

    Show us your mask....and tips for doing so.

    With masks being all the rage these days, what do you wear? (if you do)
  5. Drumdog

    Work anniversary....yours ?

    30 years ago today, I walked in the front door of this building. Little did I know I would be staying here this long. 3 more years and I will walk out and retire. How long have you worked at your job ?
  6. Drumdog

    Smoke on the water

    The wife and I went for a jet ski ride this weekend. But with all the smoke that blew in from the forest fires and the air quality turning "Hazardous", we only stayed out for an hour. This is my wife making her "high speed" run. ;)
  7. Drumdog

    Rules question....

    I played in a tournament this weekend and the group in front of us had an interesting event and I would like to know the proper resolution and penalties if any. Here is the event. Player A was on the tee box. Player B drove a cart off of the cart path and slighty forward of the tee box with...
  8. Drumdog

    16 years today....

    16 years ago today, Rose K. made me the happiest man on the planet when she became my wife and lifelong golf partner. I love here with all my heart !
  9. Drumdog

    Free NFL Sunday Ticket Package from DirecTV ?

    I got an email from DirecTV this morning and here is what it said.... “You’re getting 2020 NFL Sunday Ticket Max On Us. Thanks for being a DIRECTV customer! We don’t want you to miss a single play this season. With 2020 NFL Sunday Ticket Max, you can catch every minute of every out-of-market...
  10. Drumdog

    Kudos to 59Belts !

    While I was going through some old Twitter notifications last week, I saw that I had won a contest with 59Belts https://59belts.com/ way back around Christmas. So I sent them a tweet asking if the buckle I had won could still be claimed. They came back right away with an answer of yes and...
  11. Drumdog

    Stephen Curry signs deal with Callaway ?

    This will be interesting to watch and see how things develop. https://sports.yahoo.com/stephen-curry-signs-deal-callaway-160117426.html
  12. Drumdog

    Would you rent this instead of a cart?

    These little beauties just started being rented at my home course. The rental is $26 for 18 holes. I saw a few of them on the course this weekend and they look like fun ! Your own carry bag fits on them or you can use one they have in the clubhouse. Complete with drink holder and clubhead...
  13. Drumdog

    WTB Taylormade Ghost Spider 2011 model

    I'm looking for the original Taylormade Ghost Spider RH putter. (not the S model) Are there any out there ?
  14. Drumdog

    San Diego golf schools ?

    The wife and I are going to take a week vacation and head for San Diego. We want to go to a 3 day golf school in that area to improve our games and celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. We attended the Kapalua Golf Academy for a 3 day school to celebrate our 5th anniversary and it really...
  15. Drumdog

    TopGolf Swing Suite

    There was an announcement here that we were getting a TopGolf in town and I was completely thrilled to hear that. Then there was the letdown. It's not a full TopGolf, it's something called TopGolf Swing Suite. It looks like nothing more than a simulator to play the TopGolf games. Another...
  16. Drumdog

    No more caddie alignment help - LPGA

    This has always been a burr under my saddle, but seeing this announcement this morning made my day a little brighter. Golf Channel's Randall Mell..."If you're an LPGA fan and never liked seeing caddies line up players before a shot or putt, you can rejoice." "This week's season-ending CME...
  17. Drumdog

    Golf around Chicago

    The wife and I are making a trip to Chicago for her birthday in 2 weeks. We want to play some golf but we don't want to pay Whistling Straits prices. Any suggestions ? On another note for that trip. What is it like to drive in and around Chicago? We've never been there and don't have a clue. We...
  18. Drumdog

    Rules question....

    While watching the PGA tournament this weekend, I noticed Jordan Spieth on a couple of occasions reach forward with his putter either on or near his line and tamp down on the green. I assume this is to knock down something sticking up. Isn't this illegal ? I know you can fix ball marks but that...
  19. Drumdog

    What's your favorite aphorism ?

    Like the title says....what's your favorite ? One of mine... America is a country which produces citizens who will cross the ocean to fight for democracy, but won't cross the street to vote.

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