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    Will there be a GA/FL Gethering in 2021?

    1. Screw COVID 2. There's a reason I asked on FB about September being a possibility. 3. That's such a good collage of winners. The big glass bowl still makes me giggle. 4. I miss seeing Ken and general asshattery in the condo.
  2. T0AD

    Club Manufacturing Locations

    Thread revival. Can't believe I actually found one not too terribly old. I have been killing myself for a couple days trying to figure out, even flat out ask, where stuff is made. I get a lot of vague answers, I presume because they know what I'm looking for and they don't want to provide that...
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    What Golf Stuff Did You Do Today?

    I did a little thing called PGA National with Johnny Bench. Not really so much 'with' but his charity tournament. Also present, @BigDill and @Just_Hacking Pretty solid day
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    The Truth behind the Covid Virus.....It's a long watch but worth it.....

    Because that's what evil people do. Ever heard of the horrible stuff from all the way back to WW1 and beyond? Anthrax mutation? Why did I have to train in chem gear for over 20 years in the AF? You never disappoint same theory; CNN is Progressive, anti-freedom, anti-capitalist, leftist, and...
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    Un-Official Gathering at Mission Inn - Not associated with THP

    Just an FYI I saw this a long while back and was 100% in.....until I saw the date. Damnit!! Wife and I will be in Colorado that week. Know it'll be amazing and I'll miss the greet ups.
  6. T0AD

    Colorado Members thread

    Shred, dude, didn't know you moved. As for golf there, I'll be there from 1-6 April. Hoping the weather will be good by then. Was told by a bud that went to the Academy to just play there (I'll be in Manitou Springs). I only get one day of golf though, but would love to mix it up with some THPrs.
  7. T0AD

    New PXG 0211 Iron Set

    I did a 'phone fit' based off what I had just been fit into fairly recently here at home station. 0211 with stiff Elevate Tours. Love them! I am hitting a fair bit higher than previously and lost zero distance. I can also hit super nice knock downs and can work them well when I have to do so...
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    The Equipment Ceiling

    You're still talking about the car, not the road. The course is the road. Maybe my midwest upbringing and old age is clouding my mind. Or not.:unsure:
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    The Equipment Ceiling

    That's a total apples to bananas argument. You don't drive the road, you drive your car. The equipment is your car. Cars have gotten better (arguably, based on your needs) and there is still room to grow (hybrids, MPG, materials, etc). The OP relates to the equipment you drive on the course...
  10. T0AD

    2019 Secret Holiday Gift Exchange is open!!

    So at about 7PM last night, I tapped out a big ol' response with photos on my phone, previewed it, hit POST, and nothing happened (except it disappearing off my phone!!) so I'm back here today on a computer to try again. All I gotta say is, I think my SS might be a private investigator or...
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    ANNOUNCEMENT Signup Now Open: 2020 Distance Bash with UST Mamiya

    Turns out I happen to already be off that Friday! ;)
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    Tommy Gainey 'Two Gloves' Arrested In Major Prostitution Sting

    Maybe I'm missing something. Seems like grandstanding.
  13. T0AD

    Tommy Gainey 'Two Gloves' Arrested In Major Prostitution Sting

    My question, and I'm not defending anyone (Tommy) in this.... Does the sheriff always pick out the celebrity they caught and publicly humiliate them? or does he show the pictures of EVERY person they nabbed and humiliate them? Big difference in how this should be accepted by us. I'm not at all...
  14. T0AD

    CONTEST Day 4: 2019 THP Holiday Cheer - Mystery Box of Awesome

    A brand I want to try, but just never had lots of opportunity, is TaylorMade. I used to be a pretty big TM freak, but that's long ago. I'd like to tinker with the drivers and wedges they have out now.
  15. T0AD

    CONTEST Day 4: 2019 THP Holiday Cheer - Mystery Box of Awesome

    #1 thing I'd like to replace? Probably my 400 driver with a 410. Big change, I know! :ROFLMAO:
  16. T0AD

    CONTEST Day 3: 2019 THP Holiday Cheer - Win the Golden Ticket

    I'm also on the PXG wagon, because of what they've done for thousands of us this year in their heroes program. It doesn't hurt that I haven't hit as many great balls as I have this year after receiving my setup. The customer service is pretty outstanding, too, as they call and check on...
  17. T0AD

    Your Private Golf Club Name via Harry Arnett....

    Crepe Myrtle Alley (Downtown-ish Indy. Alleys and more houses was all I got until I was 9)
  18. T0AD

    2019 Secret Holiday Gift Exchange is open!!

    HOLY FREAKING BOMBS AWAY PUTTER COVER!! That is stupid awesome!
  19. T0AD

    The Official 2019 - 2020 NHL and Everything Hockey Thread

    My son and I did a bucketlist trip to the UC for a home game and since then they've been FIRE! I think they finally found that cohesion they were looking for. And Lehner is flat out fantastic.

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