1. ttucliffhanger

    Callaway Epic Speed and Epic Max Drivers and Fairway Woods

    Ok so 1st round with the Max LS today and my oh my, am I impressed! Mishits are known audibly big time but I saw some drives today at distances longer than I see in the summertime from my flash! Mishits I was not punished near as much as I was with the flash. Sound is waaaaay different than the...
  2. ttucliffhanger

    First Look: Callaway Apex 21 Irons

    Ok first round out with the 21 Apex Pros today. Initial impression was fantastic. Felt amazing when pured. To say that, I say this. When you miss, it lets you know feel wise, but the forgiveness is absurd! I couldn’t get distances dialed in today due to high 30s in temp and gusty winds but I...
  3. ttucliffhanger

    Looking For Testers: Theragun PRO

    First thanks for the opportunity! 1. Have you tried percussive therapy devices before? No, but have always wanted to! 2. What makes you want to try Theragun PRO? I have been having back issues this year with stiffness, especially during colder temps, thus not allowing my body to rotate fully...
  4. ttucliffhanger

    Theragun Pro

    I would definitely like to find out what it’s all about. I haven’t used one but would absolutely love to. With my back issues I’ve had this winter and with lifting I really think this thing would do numbers for me!
  5. ttucliffhanger

    First Look: Callaway Apex 21 Irons

    The consistency in these characteristics on mishits are just nuts!
  6. ttucliffhanger

    First Look: Callaway Apex 21 Irons

    That's what I got in mine. First spin with them will be tomorrow morning and now added a round in on Saturday morning as well. I have never gamed Modus 105s before but when I was fit and tried them, they felt soooo stable through the entire swing. I have PX LZ 95s in my Apex 19 and they feel whippy.
  7. ttucliffhanger

    FootJoy HyperFlex Wrapid

    Oh man! These look great! Don't need new shoes right now, but might have to put these on my Christmas list! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  8. ttucliffhanger

    Non-Major: What is Your Favorite Tournament to Watch

    A few come to mind: Waste Management - just a cool and different atmosphere. AT&T at Pebble Beach - Absolutely love this coure! Arnold Palmer Invitational - Always liked AP and the scripting or merchandise that come out from this one are really cool, plus really like the course!
  9. ttucliffhanger

    Does a Name Matter?

    This is true too. It makes me think of those chipper putter things you see the commercials for on the golf channel, lol. I also think of PXG when thinking of this question. Not necessarily the name per say, but I feel like when one talks about a PXG product, they should yell whatever they are...
  10. ttucliffhanger

    Does a Name Matter?

    I think a name matters in the grand scheme of things. For me, it draws me to the equipment because it either puts a story to the piece of equipment or ties it to a company in general. I mean overall it really shouldn't matter, but it draws your consumers in and gives them a story to tell.
  11. ttucliffhanger

    First Look: Callaway Apex 21 Irons

    Thanks man. It’s my absolute favorite headcover!
  12. ttucliffhanger

    What's the craziest thing you've ever seen on a golf course?

    That was my fraternity nickname. My big brother didn’t tell me we had the line that stretched and it was my first time repelling. First step off and upside down I went hanging 60’ in the air lol
  13. ttucliffhanger

    First Look: Callaway Apex 21 Irons

    Last wedge arrived today. 2021 bag complete!
  14. ttucliffhanger

    What's the craziest thing you've ever seen on a golf course?

    Dang yall got some stories. I have never had anything crazy like this happen when I am around.
  15. ttucliffhanger

    2021 weight loss and nutrition thread

    Drinking a lot of water when you aren't used to it is hard at first but you will get used to it. I have a 32oz cup I keep at work and I usually drink 3-4 of them a day, but they also have ice in them, so not the full 32 oz each time, but downside is having to run to the restroom every 30...
  16. ttucliffhanger

    2021 weight loss and nutrition thread

    Goodness, that seems like a lot of water!
  17. ttucliffhanger

    CONTEST Win a Brand New Top of the Line Rangefinder

    Congrats! good looking range finder ya got there!
  18. ttucliffhanger

    Signup Now to be on TEEm Tour Edge

    Pretty cool opportunity! Good luck everyone!
  19. ttucliffhanger

    New swing training produxt

    ah ok. I saw that it said whip in there when I was looking at it. That makes more sense with the interchangeable weights.

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