1. robrandalgz

    Contest: Win a Shot Scope V3

    Have you tried a data tracking device? I have not What makes you want to try the awesome Shot Scope V3? I like the convenience of a wearable device. Once getting past the initial learning phase of the product I think it will be faster than, say, an app-centric device. I know that the data can be...
  2. robrandalgz

    Arizona Locals

    Soon, my friend. Soon.
  3. robrandalgz

    Arizona THP Golf League

    Looks like we at least have a solid foursome. (y)
  4. robrandalgz

    Theragun Pro

    Go ahead and just throw mine in the mail, thanks. ;)
  5. robrandalgz

    Arizona THP Golf League

    @tmarin802 you in for this?
  6. robrandalgz

    Arizona THP Golf League

    That. Would. Not. Be. Awful. 😈
  7. robrandalgz

    Arizona Locals

    If you're not cool, don't reply to this invite..............because these guys are pretty cool. :cool:
  8. robrandalgz

    What's the craziest thing you've ever seen on a golf course?

    When I was working on the golf course, I was setting the course up one morning and as I was driving down the 9th fairway toward the green to change the cup two huge bull elk came rambling out of the trees. These boys were in the midst of a big boy brawl. Neither would back down. I hit the radio...
  9. robrandalgz

    Glove of choice

    Order a size smaller than you usually buy (especially if your going with the regular model and not the pro). I haven't ordered a pro yet because I can't wear out the first two that I bought.
  10. robrandalgz

    Glove of choice

    Claw Daddy here, also.
  11. robrandalgz

    The Official Banter Away Thread

    If you move and it's NOT to a place where you can actually play more golf, your life is broken, Dan. Broken.
  12. robrandalgz

    Which Club is Key?

    Putter. Always putter.
  13. robrandalgz

    do you expect to mishit the ball ?

    I never plan for a mishit regardless of how I'm swinging for the day. A set up for failure.
  14. robrandalgz

    Deal of the Day and Coupon Code thread

    https://www.allingolfer.com/2-pack-callaway-cg-mesh-fitted-hat Pretty decent deal for my fellow Callaway fanbois.
  15. robrandalgz

    THP'ers Random Acts of Kindness

    I found it a little too large and cumbersome for my putter but it's absolutely perfect for my hybrid. (y)
  16. robrandalgz

    Random pairings generator?

    Good question. We have a team event coming in June (I believe) for our AZTHP group. I'm curious how teams will be picked..........:unsure:

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