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    WTS Cobra F7 2/3 Hybrid

    Used Cobra F7 2/3 Hyrbid with Fujikura Stiff Shaft. I switched to a Utility Iron. $85 obo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Different Balls for Putting?

    All this indoor virus stuff has me carpet putting like crazy. As I have been putting I am noticing I prefer the feel of TP5 but I prefer the feel of the ProV1X for my irons and woods. So I figured I would try and spark a little conversation... While I understand this is a violation of 6.3b and...
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    For Sale Sold-FS Toulon Azalea

    Selling 35” Toulon Azalea Stroke Lab with regular shaft (not stroke lab shaft!!!) New out of wrap never seen grass! $250 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    FS: Swag Putter and Covers

    34” Swag Handsome Too Raw with mid-slim Swag grip used 5 rounds no head cover included. Putter patina Normal with raw putter finish -$old Covers (new out of bag) Miami Vice $100 Pizza Rat $120 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    FS: Swag Savage Proto

    34 inch. Seen grass once for practice. No cover. $450 OBO Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Got fitted today!

    Decided to say F it and go find the right irons for me. I’ve been playing F7 OL for the past year and decided maybe the experiment is over. Traveling and had some free time. Found a place here in Baltimore area (not CC). Went down and spoke with the club guru at the location. He looked at my...
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    FW problems

    I know it’s beginning season and I’m not in form yet. Last couple times playing on the simulator I have swung generally well. Even putting a little draw in the ball (not normal for me). I take simulators with a grain of salt for what they are and realize you can figure out their quirks (like any...
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    FS - SWAG Putter Covers

    Looking to move a few covers. Pink and Bolt Mallet cover (only 25 made)- $170 Flamingo - SOLD Covers in hand and will ship same day as payment. Open to reasonable offers. Can package both together in better deal. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    2019 Myrtle Beach May Trip

    Posting this up to see if there's any interest in a trip to Myrtle Beach May 4-9, 2019. Some background, I run this trip every year and this is my 4th Annual outing. Its my 7th year going down there to play golf so I have played on many of the area courses. We had 18 guys last year and planned...
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    UFC 231

    Anyone else watching the fights tonight? Jeez that elbow from Gunny was nasty!!! Split Cowboy wide open! And the first main card fight with Santos was awesome too Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Shoe recommendations?

    My 3 year old adidas BOA shoe liners are torn in the back of the heel and starting to rub a bit on longer walking days. I just sold an older driver and have about 120-140 to spend on a new set. I’m really looking at the footjoy brand. I’ve had Puma, Adidas, and I believe some cheapo footjoys...
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    Looking for Help making a Driver Decision

    OK Fellow Hackers help me out here! The little lady has decided to give me an early birthday present, but I can't decide between my two top choices! So This is a money isn't an option scenario (Yah I know...I am lucky) I recently attended the Dicks Sporting Goods Open and had the Callaway guys...
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    Win Tickets to The Players lcoal contest!!!!!!

    Who want's to win tickets to The Players? Who wants to see the greatest golfers in the world go head to head on one of the most iconic courses in the world? Have you ever wanted to cheer and clap when that shot lands on the 17th? Well you could be there!!! Best of all these are tickets pre-cut...
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    Question regarding Top Flite Gamer?

    Is this thing seriously just a rebadged 2015 E6? 3 piece non urethane with dimple in dimple design? If it is I will buy these things all day long at that price. I liked my E6 balls from a few years ago before I moved to a Callaway Chrome soft
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    Question regarding Driver Swing Results

    Cobra F7 w/ Yellow HZRDUS Stiff 75g At the end of the season last year I broke my HZRDUS Red 75 Stuff shaft which I loved. I was able to find a really reasonably priced replacement tipped for Cobra drivers from one of our forum members. But it is a Yellow Shaft vs Red. I went to the local...
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    "I never miss with the 7 Iron"

    Was watching Tin Cup last night and I love this scene! So My question to all of you is: What is you ultimate favorite club in the bag? Your "go-to" club when you're having a bad round and mishits and shanks loom all around you? 7i? Trusty wedge? A hybrid perhaps? An old comforting driver...
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    WTB: HZRDUS Red Shaft for Cobra F7 King

    So a thing happened today and my brand new OEM non handcrafted HZRDUS Red shaft for Cobra is broken. I need one. And I don’t wanna buy a whole driver again. Anyone help me out? Was Standard Length HZRDUS Red 75 Stiff flex. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Recommendation for solid 3w

    I decided to sell my previous irons and my old 5w. My buddy said if I threw in my 3w that matches the 5 he'd be a buyer. I don't use my 3 all that much so I said sure. Now I'm on the hunt for a new 3w replacement. Looking to spend sub $150 preferably closer to $100-120. Close or models or even...
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    Liking for recommendations and thoughts

    Currently gaming a Nike Method Concept putter (belly but ended up chopping it to just under 34). Previously played a Nike Corza Ghost but hated it. Never did okay well with that putter. Wanting to switch to a. blade Putter. Currently considering several models. All 34 inch Nike Method Matter...
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    Another Shaft Selection Question

    Looking to get a new hybrid (or gently used) and also looking for information for future purchases. Unsure of which shaft I should really be playing based on swing speed? Numbers indicate stiff shaft selection but is that always the case? Can you use R flex shafts with greater swing speeds? Are...

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