1. Maric

    Replace Irons with Hybrids?

    I've never really felt comfortable with my irons. One the range the other day a friend loaned me her 8h just to check out. Saw immediate improvement in disbursement vs. my 8i, So I wonder if I should swap out my irons for hybrids?
  2. Maric

    Favorite cold weather comfort food

    Cold weather means it's time for Chicken and Rice Casserole
  3. Maric

    Happy Holidays to the THP Forum

    No matter what you celebrate at this time of year I wish you happiness and joy and a safe and sane New Year.
  4. Maric

    Big Bertha Reva Driver and 4H review

    Callaway used their remarkable engineering skills and designed some clubs just for women? I have an Epic Flash Driver, 3 wood and an Epic Flash Heavenwood. These clubs have been game changers for me so naturally I had to check the Reva out. So off to the PGASS I went. They didn’t have a...
  5. Maric

    Favorite edible Christmas treat

    We know that Snickerdog anxiously awaits Christmas Trees, but do you have a treat that only comes out once a year? Mine is a special 4 year aged cheddar cheese that they only release during the winter months.
  6. Maric

    Favorite foods they no longer make

    Stouffer's used to make a great boil in bag creamed chicken. Heat it up pour it over Pepperridge Farm Puff Pastry Shells - Ambrosia on a cold night. Nutty Wheat Thins - thin slivers of almonds on a wheat thins great with sharp cheddar
  7. Maric

    Coke vs Pepsi

    Pepsi lover and yes, I can taste the difference.
  8. Maric

    A chance to play some of Myrtle Beach's finest private courses

    Now this would be a great golf trip https://www.charitybuzz.com/catalog_items/experience-private-clubs-in-myrtle-beach-south-carolina-2058300?fbclid=IwAR2Cs9eC0GTIKbyTvJutE6-pVg-x1b9Gd0G4vFPrICDg-lgk_HSjRPUkk8w About the charity https://projectgolf.org/
  9. Maric

    Fun Facts

    I ran across this map showing Land Use in the US - this is why I live in South Carolina
  10. Maric

    Which chocolate do you prefer?

    Love dark chocolate
  11. Maric

    What's the best favor anyone ever did for you?

    When I was buying my first home my SIL and BIL gave me a small loan for my down payment. It made all the difference in the world. Yes, I paid them back with interest. It really set me on the road to financial security.
  12. Maric

    You just got word your course is opening, do you hit the range on day one or just play.

    Those of you that have been deprived of playing, will you spend your first day on the range or on the course?
  13. Maric

    Besides your range finder, what's your favorite golf gadget?

    Not counting on a range finder, what is your favorite golf gadget for on course or practice. I love gadgets so golf can be a dangerously expensive hobby for someone like me. I recently purchased a used Swing Caddie 200 and am having a great time with it. It's really helping me hone in on...
  14. Maric

    Today is National Beer Day!

    What's you go to beer?
  15. Maric

    Why did you start playing golf?

    I never really played growing up, but when I retired I moved to Myrtle Beach. Golf was a great way to meet new people and get some exercise. Little did I know it would become a passion.
  16. Maric

    Boredom relieving sites

    I know it's probably heresy, but what sites besides THP are you using to relieve your shelter in place boredom? I discovered these two sites years ago when I was laid up with a broken leg, and have recently rediscovered them. https://airandspace.si.edu/ https://www.archivesfoundation.org/
  17. Maric

    2020 Census

    Just completed my 2020 Census, took less than 5 minutes online.
  18. Maric

    Golf Dreams

    Do you ever dream you are golfing? I has the weirdest golf dream the other night. I was on the green and realized I forgot my putter. After a friend finished putting I asked to borrow hers. I lined up the putt, took a practice swing and approached the ball. Suddenly the shaft on the putter...
  19. Maric

    What was your first computer?

    Inspired by a discussion with friends last night - what was your first personal computer. My first encounter with a personal computer was with a TRS-80, AKA Trash 80 (yes I am that old). A big switch from the big iron I was used to. I would run these financial spreadsheets on Visicalc. It...
  20. Maric

    Best Chocolate shop in your area

    A new chocolate shop opened in my area, Uncommon Chocolate. They have the best Belgium dark chocolate turtles I've ever had. Luckily they aren't open when I ride by on my morning bike ride.

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