1. mjkladis

    For Sale Orange Whip- Standard size

    Orange Whip- used condition 47” long (white counterweight) $SOLD Free shipping for AC members.
  2. mjkladis

    mjkladis’s 2021 Journey for Speed

    Well I’ve decided that 2021 will be my year of speed! I’ve already got my Superspeed sticks and I’m going to start the Fit For Golf workout routines at home. Currently: My swing speed with my driver is around the upper 90s (96-98mph) with the ability to push it just over triple digits. I’ve...
  3. mjkladis

    What would be your Masters Club Dinner?

    I heard this discussion the other day and it was really interesting. If (BIG IF) you were the Masters Champion, what would you choose for your Masters Club Dinner the following year? Here is what Tiger Woods chose.
  4. mjkladis

    How old of a club are you willing to use?

    I saw a Twitter conversation with Vrska about Adams hybrids and it really got me thinking. How old of a club would you be willing to put in the bag? Do you have an older model club that just can’t be beat by anything new? I personally wouldn’t mind finding an Idea A12 Pro hybrid to fill a gap...
  5. mjkladis

    Aeropress Coffee

    Thanks to the COVID self-distancing, I won’t have my usual coffee at work and I don’t have a coffee maker at home. A friend of mine recommended an Aeropress for some amazing iced coffee. I’m now an owner of an Aeropress and it should arrive in a few days. I’m bad with peer pressure:LOL:. Anyone...
  6. mjkladis

    Could we "decouple" from golf equipment made in China?

    With all of this COVID-19 talk is going on, I've seen some people declaring that it's time to "decouple" from Chinese-made products. I don't want to argue if that's a good or bad idea, I just want to see if that's even possible in golf. I know you could choose a ball made in the USA (or...
  7. mjkladis

    For Sale Evnroll ER2.2 33” SuperStroke Pistol GTR 1.0

    Looking to part ways with my Evnroll ER2.2 putter. Slight knick to the lower toe side of the putter head but nothing else is wrong with the putter. Grip has been cleaned regularly so it still feels new. $200 with free shipping to the continental US for AC Members.
  8. mjkladis

    Snacks/Food/Drink during a round of golf.

    You'll usually find a Snickers and Gatorade in my bag during any round. What do you guys like to snack or drink on during a round of golf?? Hot Dog at the turn? A cold one after (or during) a round?
  9. mjkladis

    Old School WITBs

    We all have clubs from the past that we enjoyed playing or wanted to game but never did. What would your bag make up be if you had to create a whole set from past clubs?? Your bag as to not include anything in your current bag. Mine would be... Callaway Epic Sub Zero- 9* Adams XTD Ti 3W...
  10. mjkladis

    I love THP

    I freaking love THP!!! It’s a breath of fresh air in the golf media world and the coolest, nicest forum I have ever be a part of on the internet. That is all. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. mjkladis

    Refinishing a Persimmon wood

    Hey guys! I found an old persimmon driver at my parent's house a while ago and I've decided to try and refinish it. This will be my first go at it and I've made sure that this driver isn't a special one (just incase I ruin it). I plan on adding a GP Victory grip as well and might go take it...
  12. mjkladis

    List the drivers you've gamed

    Oh boy.... Another thread just reminded me that I have gone through A LOT of drivers. Here's my list, let's see what everyone else has played! (In no particular order) Cobra King F8 Cobra King F7 Cobra King F6+ Mizuno JPX 850 (twice) Taylormade Aeroburner TP Cleveland HiBore XLS Callaway FT9...
  13. mjkladis

    Have you ever bought an infomercial golf club?

    BOOM!! POW!!! I've had those nights were I see these crazy golf club infomercials claiming to revolutionize golf!! There are plenty of sastified customers and so unknown pro saying that it's the best club in their bag! Warrior Golf is always a popular one and so is the HammerX driver! Have...
  14. mjkladis

    2018-2019 College Football Thread

    Alright guys! It's August so that means College Football starts this month!! I figured I'd get this season's thread started up. Everyone excited for the season to start?
  15. mjkladis

    FS: Mitsubishi Tensei CK Blue 50 Reg Flex shaft -1”

    Selling my Tensei CK Blue shaft that was used in the 2018 THP Morgan Cup! 50g Regular Flex Butt trimmed -1” Cobra hosel adapter Comes with Cobra Connect sensor $100 OBO I’ll add pics ASAP. *I found a new shaft that works much better for me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. mjkladis

    mjkladis-WITB 2018 #THPMC

    Alright I guess I should start my own WITB thread since Cobra has supplied me with some AMAZING clubs and a great looking bag!! I'll add more pics soon once the clubs get cleaned up!!
  17. mjkladis

    Do you REALLY care what the pros say about their equipment?

    DJ's interview after his win at the 2018 Tournament of Champions really got me thinking... In his interview, DJ talked about how the new "Twist Face" technology in his Taylormade driver really helped his accuracy. So I was wondering, how much weight does this kind of marketing have on your...
  18. mjkladis

    What special golf games do you play on the course?

    I am a Golfholics fan from YouTube and they have a game I play with my brother called Dots. It's a points based game. Most points win. These get you points throughout 9 or 18 holes -On Par 5, closest to the pin and GIR -Birdies -Eagle gets two dots -Hit one inside the stick (sticky) -Make a...
  19. mjkladis

    Mr. Hudson Joseph Kladis (hjkladis)

    I consider my fellow hackers family even though I haven’t met y’all yet! So I would like to introduce you all to Hudson Joseph Kladis! He was born this evening (09/28/2017) at 6:49pm! He’s only been in this world for a few hours but he’s already got his mom and dad wrapped around his little...
  20. mjkladis

    New Adidas shoe lineup

    I went to my local golf shop the other day at lunch and happened to meet an Adidas salesman there with all the new golf shoes coming out pretty soon. I don't have any pictures but I do have some sweet details. Most of this is strictly from memory so I may be wrong on some of the info. -The new...

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