1. checkered

    Official Rant of the Day

    need things to get better and everything to slow down sheesh....been running ragged for far too long. ugh. so frustrating.
  2. checkered

    First Look: Callaway Apex 21 Irons

    oh man those are some seriously great looking options. Really hope I can get to hit this later this year. Curious how I get along with a couple of those. Love how much tech in these. Seriously great sounding line up all around.
  3. checkered

    Odyssey Prototype Putter

    oooh that is good looking. tell me more... :D
  4. checkered

    TEASER The Data Experience is Coming

    Oh shnap this will be hella rad!!!
  5. checkered

    Tag a THPer that Will Miss

    Ahh that hole was great, I totally missed it. I need to go back and get revenge.
  6. checkered

    The "Cash Bag"

    I don't get it. Thought maybe it could hold a couple balls at first glance.
  7. checkered

    CONTEST The Golden Ticket Challenge

    The awesome thing is if you win, there's not a bad option among the possible choices. Nothing like a THP event. Keeping my fingers crossed. :D
  8. checkered

    Who is your nemesis?

    My nemesis is my own emotions. If I could just keep that in check I would do a lot better. I am working on it though.
  9. checkered

    AK Sighting!

    Oh man, I know it won't happen, but I so want it to. AK playing golf again would be a great thing.
  10. checkered

    Srixon Experience Coming in 2021

    This will be phenomenal. Srixon makes great clubs. I've never hit one though, and have wanted to for a long time.
  11. checkered

    New Here

    welcome to THP!!
  12. checkered

    CONTEST Goal #2 Unlocked: SeeMore M7 Tour, Hogan GS53 Max, and RARE THP Headcovers!

    Good luck everyone. can't say enough how cool it is of @Jman to do this. Thank you.
  13. checkered

    Cobra RADSPEED Drivers

    While I am not a fan of the name, I'm very intrigued by these and definitely want to hit them when I can. I like the looks and sound of what they have going on. WIll be fun to try them out.
  14. checkered

    Happy New Year & Major Milestone

    Happy New Year and congrats on the milestone! Thank you @JB, @GolferGal and all of the THP Staff for all you do for all of us THPers. Pretty damn incredible that there have been that many posts. Cheers to many more!!
  15. checkered

    What’s on the menu - New Years Eve

    I've got several different types of dips and crackers and chips, shrimp cocktail, and chicken wings planned for dinner. I'll be sipping some Bulleit with some bubbly for midnight.
  16. checkered

    Describe How It Became Your Favorite Brand

    I have been a fan of Adidas since I was little, so when I first started golfing I wanted Taylormade clubs, simply because of the relationship. As I learned more and read more on THP, I realized there were some great other options out there. What really got me to try Callaway was the...
  17. checkered


    I want this because I love the feel of Project X shafts and bleed THP green. This is a perfect mix of my love for both. It also would look great in my Razr Fit Xtreme driver. Great gesture to do this, thank you. Good luck to all!
  18. checkered

    CONTEST The Golden Ticket Challenge

    My favorite club in my bag is my Callaway XHot Pro 4 Hybrid. It is the club I have the most confidence with and hit well the most consistently. Just a workhorse of a club and the ball just shoots off the face it feels like. Love it.
  19. checkered

    CONTEST The Golden Ticket Challenge

    This is an incredible opportunity. Thanks for doing this. I would have to say my favorite brand is Callaway.

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