1. ShootzGolf

    If the tour wants to pick up pace of play why don't they have some rules officials follow the last few groups?

    Where are these guys? The 5 minutes it takes them to get to the final group is half a hole. They could watch for infractions as well.
  2. ShootzGolf

    I am an 11 hdcp. Been as low as a 6. I shot a 110 yesterday. Here is the story.

    I could not hit the ball at all. At all. Top it, chunk it, toe it, shank it. Putting was great. Picked up after 8 on most holes. On hole 14 I realized I was wearing my reading glasses. Took them off and finished with 3 pars and 2 bogeys. Still shot a 110. I may wear them for putting now though...
  3. ShootzGolf

    Let's talk ball markers....

    I use the thin plastic ones with the small spike, grab one with the scorecard. Why would you use a coin or other object that would deflect a ball instead of the ball rolling over it with no interference? The reason you are marking it is because it is in their line. You can move your marker yes...
  4. ShootzGolf

    Should Brady's net par on 8 have counted towards another 100k from Koepka?

    I say yes. When he drained his put I yayyyed. Feel free to comment.
  5. ShootzGolf

    Does anyone know how we can watch the Tiger vs. Phil duel here in Canada?

    I've dug and dug. None of the services broadcasting or streaming it are available in Canada. So pissed. Feel free to PM me any "less than above board" links you may have. ;) So pissed.
  6. ShootzGolf

    Let's talk top lines...

    I like a thin top line on my Irons. I do not like one thing about a fat top line club. I don't see how it can help high handicap golfers. They look all wrong to me at address. What are your thoughts on this? Thanks.
  7. ShootzGolf

    Have you ever broken par?

    I shot a 1 under once. But that was twice around a nine hole course. Shot even par off the tips at a champ course. You?
  8. ShootzGolf

    Is it the time it takes for a whole round or waiting to hit that bothers you?

    People here and elsewhere talk about 3 hour rounds or 5 hour rounds. I've had 4:15 rounds that felt like we were going along great. A few waits. I've had 3.5 hour rounds that felt the same. For me I don't care how long it takes to play a round. I get frustrated by waiting behind slow players or...
  9. ShootzGolf

    Do you have "relaxed" rules for normal golf?

    We do. Everyone I've ever played with does for non tournament play. Generous gimmies and everything is a lateral with a generous drop. For pace of play more than anything. OB off the tee is an obvious rehit but we don't go back to rehit. "Sunday rules".
  10. ShootzGolf

    Are you competitive?

    The thing that drove Tiger and Jack to be the GOAT's is their competitive nature. They did not like to lose, ever. This drove them to be better than everyone else. They worked harder and focused more. I'm not like that. Not even in a competition of any kind, Golf included. I enjoy the process...
  11. ShootzGolf

    Your favorite Golf joke!

    Post em if you've got em. Here's mine" Guy playing golf with his wife. On the 3rd hole, a par 3, his drive goes off to the right and lands by a barn. Looking at his next shot, realizes he has no good options when his wife says “hey, if I open both barn doors you can hit it through the barn and...
  12. ShootzGolf

    Greetings from Western Canada

    Hi All, My name is Bill. 55 years young and a Golf fanatic. What a great game it is. I quit my job a year and a half ago (IT Director, 30 years of taking **** from everyone was enough) and Started Shootz Golf. Visit my website to see what it is about. I didn't come here to push my product, I...

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