1. BriMac

    Dry January 2021

    Anyone going to do the first month of the year without drinking? I like an adult beverage just as much as the next guy, if not more...But I am going to give it a go this year. I started on the 1st, but have some friends starting tomorrow. Trying to drop a few pounds and this alone should be...
  2. BriMac

    Van Halen

    Sammy Hagar for me. Who you got and why?
  3. BriMac

    Gapping Question

    Here’s a screen shot of my Shot Scope data. Looks like I have some issues at the top and bottom of the bag. Possibly in the middle too - hah! Would like to hear what some folks would change in the set. I will sit back and listen for a bit. Some background - I rarely full swing the 50 and...
  4. BriMac

    SOLD Project X LZ 5.5 115g 5-PW Shafts SOLD

    Used for 2 seasons. They are really nice looking shafts. Some sites describe them as stiff, others as somewhere between Stiff and Regular (regular+...). Grips are Lamkin Crossline Midsize in good shape. $130 $110 shipped CONUS.
  5. BriMac

    Cameo Video App

    Anyone ever order or been the recipient of a Cameo app video? I have never ordered myself, but have seen a few that friends have ordered for certain events. Mostly disappoint except Norm McDonald and Jeff Ross absolutely delivered. Paige Spiranac and the actress that played Lacey Underalls...
  6. BriMac

    Swing Tips - Avoid or Consume?

    I go through phases - consuming / reading / testing every swing tip from the internet. Other times I purposefully avoid anything related to it in fear it will completely mess me up. What camp are you in?
  7. BriMac

    T Shirt Under Golf Polo

    I always wear a white t shirt under my golf polo when playing. It doesn’t matter if it’s sweltering. I am just more comfortable. I know I am in the minority among my playing partners. Any other T shirt wearers out there?
  8. BriMac

    WITB - BriMac

    As of April 2020 - - figured I would show pics rather than write it out. Favorite club? I love 'em all (at the moment).
  9. BriMac

    No Hole(s) In One - Been Playing for X Years

    Not bitter and I don’t particularly care if it never happens. I am genuinely happy when people get theirs (looking at you @Jman and @donny475). I also look forward to the free drink in particular. One of my brothers got his when he was 12 years old. My other older brother got his last year...
  10. BriMac

    TaylorMade 2019 US Open Staff Bag

    How about this bad boy!
  11. BriMac

    2019 Taylor Made Injected w/ Speed Event - Travel/Extra Rounds Thread

    It's a little early, but I am a little excited. Just putting this out there. I will either fly into Atlanta late Thursday 6/6 or early Friday 6/7. The earliest that a flight will land for me on Friday is 8:30am. If anyone is up for an early round on Friday, I am game. I will probably fly...
  12. BriMac

    FS – Graphic Design Tour AD D1-6S 3-Wood Shaft, w/ TaylorMade M1 3-Wood

    Looking for $200 – good friend/prior owner used it for about 1 year
  13. BriMac

    Battle at Bethpage - Hambone1023 v BriMac

    Hambone1023 made his way to Long Island for a few rounds. Playing 36 today - 8:04 on Bethpage Red and then 1:15 on Bethpage Black. And then some more golf tomorrow. Both playing to a 9 handicap. Nothing on the line for the first round but will have some type of wager on the Black. Looking...
  14. BriMac

    Putting out of a Sand Trap

    You won’t see it on the PGA Tour, but under what circumstances would you putt out of a trap? It’s sort of a last resort for me (downhill lie, danger long) but interested to see if it’s in the toolbox for others. Favorable lip on the trap is a given in order to consider. Sent from my iPhone...
  15. BriMac

    Titleist Ball Fitting

    Has anyone ever gone through the Titleist ball fitting, or any ball fitting for that matter? Did it change any preconceived notions? I have one coming up in a few weeks (thanks THP and Titleist!) and curious as it will be a first for me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. BriMac

    Monday Insanity on THP

    If I understand correctly, I think the following are being announced tomorrow: Titleist event participants Odyssey event participants Shaft Up participants (not sure if this is correct) The Handcrafted Experience sign ups Morgan Cup announcement/possible sign ups Set the alarm for 5am! Have I...
  17. BriMac

    Tiger Woods Won the 2000 US Open by 15 (FIFTEEN) Shots

    Watching the Pebble replay and Frank Nobilo just emphasized this. FIFTEEN shots! GOAT. I know there is a separate TW thread but this just is crazy. Ernie Els ties for 2nd more than a fortnight behind. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. BriMac


    These videos are fantastic. What a great idea, and even better execution, having Michael at the show. Thanks THP! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. BriMac

    Brian Harmon - Ryder/President Cup?

    Thurs-Sat, this dude can flat out roll the rock. That TM putter just fits him. He needs to close the deal on a few more Sundays though. Does he have what it takes to tee it up in a Cup? If he doesn’t qualify on points would a captain pick him? I would like to see. I would put him on my...

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