1. TrueFX

    Does GolfPass include all GolfChannel Programming Live?

    I'm close to cutting the cord. The streaming service I am looking at does not include Golf Channel. If I get the basic GolfPass Package, can I watch the live Golf Channel, or is it only a selection of shows?
  2. TrueFX

    DFW Golf Course Homes

    I am looking to move to the DFW area and would like to live on a golf course if possible. Can you guys list some golf courses that have homes on them? Thanks guys!
  3. TrueFX

    How to Order New Iron Shafts

    I was recently fitted for iron shafts and it turns out that I would benefit by switching out my current shafts. The fitter recommended Dynamic Gold x100 Shafts Soft Stepped. I currently play my irons +0.5" long. When ordering just the shafts online, how do I place my order? Do I say +0.5"...
  4. TrueFX

    Game Golf - THP List

    I am creating this thread to track THPers on Game Golf. I have just started using the system and I think it is a great community for us THPers. The original Game Golf thread has grown quite big and it has become difficult to identify other members. I will update the first and second posts...
  5. TrueFX

    WTB - Miyazaki B.Asha 7x

    Looking for a Miyazaki B.Asha 7x. PM me details if you have one.
  6. TrueFX

    Intentional Distraction

    Does anyone know if there is anything in the rules dictating relief due to intentional distractions? Example : I play some courses that may have a hole or two that play alongside public roads. There are many times when passing cars will intentionally honk their horns or scream out the window...
  7. TrueFX

    Nine Holes, No Pins

    I enjoy playing golf with friends. In fact, there is little else that I would rather be doing. Yet, while playing with friends, I am always laser focused on my game and the outcome. It is just who I am. I have such high standards for myself in everything that I do, when it comes to my turn...
  8. TrueFX

    Right Arm in the Full Swing

    Since day one, I have kept my right arm and hand completely silent through the swing. I pull the club through the ball with my body / left arm. Is this correct? Should I be doing anything with my right arm or hand? I feel like I may be missing a crucial part of the swing otherwise. Thanks...
  9. TrueFX

    9 Iron or Better

    Hypothetical Question : Assume you hit your drive to a yardage that puts a 9 Iron or better in your hands for your approach shot on a par 4. This could be in the fairway or rough, either way you have a clear shot to the green. How often do you walk away with a par? This includes GIR + 2 putt...
  10. TrueFX

    Orlando Golf - Wednesday Dec 9 - Fri Dec 11

    I will be in Orlando the week of Dec 7 - 11 and will be playing golf Wednesday - Friday. I am staying at Lake Buena Vista. Any THPers in the area care to get together for some rounds or offer up some course suggestions?
  11. TrueFX

    Miyazaki Shafts No More?

    I was just on the Golfworks website looking to purchase a new Miyazaki shaft and came across the following post by a Golfworks employee : Is this true? Has Miyazaki stopped producing shafts?
  12. TrueFX

    Time For A New Driver

    I think it's time for a new driver... I guess I hit the ball a little high on the face one too many times. Anyways, TM warrantied it and sent me a brand new R15. Unfortunately, I'm just not feeling it. I've been gaming the R11s since Freddie fitted me for it at the last Demo Day in Florida...
  13. TrueFX

    Deloitte / PwC

    Does anyone here work at Deloitte or PwC? PM me, I have some questions for you. Thanks
  14. TrueFX

    Photographers / Photo Editors

    Are there any photographers / photo editors out there? I'm looking for someone that can help me touch up a few photos or point me in the right direction. Thanks
  15. TrueFX

    Marvel Heroes - Video Game

    Anyone here play the Marvel Heroes Video Game? I am an old school gamer and used to buying a game and getting the WHOLE thing. None of this buy each little piece and before you know you it you have spent $150 for a game. Or games that you can't actually be competitive unless you spend a ton...
  16. TrueFX

    WTB - Clean Golf Bag

    I'm putting together a set for a buddy and am having a hard time finding a clean used golf bag. Looking to spend $20-$40 on a stand bag in good condition.
  17. TrueFX

    Free Golf In Vegas with TrueFX

    I will be traveling to Las Vegas this coming week and am looking for THPers to tee it up with. I will be playing a morning round on Friday, August 1st. A morning and afternoon round on Saturday, August 2nd. And a Morning round on Sunday, August 3rd. I am extending open invitations to local...
  18. TrueFX

    Vegas : May 9 - 12th. Anyone Golfing?

    A buddy and I will be in Vegas May 9th - 12th. We will be playing as much golf as possible. Anyone interested in joining us?
  19. TrueFX

    Lie Angle at Address

    Has anyone ever given thought to the "correct" lie angle for irons and wedges at address? I have always gotten my wrists, hands and arms in a position that allows me to get my irons and wedges flat with the ground since the day I first picked up a club. I had one of the club pros out with me...
  20. TrueFX

    Custom Fitting at Ball Golf

    I've got a custom fitting with a company called "Ball Golf" in Oklahoma City this Friday. The main thing that I am going in for is to get some new shafts in my irons. I'm currently using Project X 6.0 Flighted shafts that I found at Demo Day 2012. The ball flight with these irons tends to get...

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