1. coolbreeze

    Extremely Sad News

    I have not posted on this forum for a long time but some news came up today I thought a few people here would like to know. A long time forum member here and a member of the first Morgan Cup Kevin Dunn passed away suddenly last night. He was known as Esox on the forum and was known for his wit...
  2. coolbreeze

    Mward is an awesome dude.

    Just wanted to take a second and say thank you to a great guy Mward. In the banter thread a while ago we got into a discussion about candy and I brought up the fact that my favorite candy ever is Starburst Jellybeans, but they stopped selling them in Canada a few years ago, and now every time...
  3. coolbreeze


    How many out there are using Hootsuite for their social media. I've been using it for about a week now and i'm really impressed.
  4. coolbreeze

    Bought some Boxers today

    Yep, some fruit of the loom boxer briefs from Wal-Mart. Pretty sweet.
  5. coolbreeze

    Becoming a scratch or better player.

    Having just played in my first stroke play tournament I learned a few things about my own golf game, my goals for this game and the work I have been putting in to get there. A little about me if you don't already know, I've been playing golf for almost exactly 3 years now and recently have been...
  6. coolbreeze

    Judging your lie

    Lately when I have been in the rough I've been trying to judge my lie and I've realized very quickly that I have no idea how to judge what the ball is going to do. I have no idea how to see that it could be a flyer, or if its going to sit down a bit and I should grab more club. Obviously when...
  7. coolbreeze

    Morgan Cup Travel Plans

    Well my Fellow Morgan Cuppers its getting close to the time we are all going to be arriving in South Carolina for the Morgan Cup, and I wanted to start a thread where we could quickly and easily see what everyones travel plans were. I am booking my flights today or tomorrow and I just wanted to...
  8. coolbreeze

    The Home Pondering/Buying thread

    I thought this would be a good thread idea as my wife and I went and saw a house today that I am going to do everything in my power to try and find a way to purchase. Anyway, this is the house, and I'm gonna buy it or die trying. Houses like this in this area only come up for sale once in a...
  9. coolbreeze

    Building a set of ACER XF Pro irons

    Thought I would start a thread on this as this is going to be a fun process for me and I thought I would capture it here. I began by wanting new iron shafts, and by the advice of shaft tester and Mountain Man TC I decided that I was going to get some FST Pro 115 stiff shafts and I was going to...
  10. coolbreeze

    Odyssey Protype Tour Putters

    As most can understand I have been doing a ton of putter research for the Morgan Cup and the putters that have me the most intrigued is the ProType Tour putters by Odyssey. Here are the pics and the video but I have to say the number 6 has me all kinds of excited.
  11. coolbreeze

    Bridgestone LIVE Broadcast from the PGA Show

    As most of you are aware Bridgestone golf is having a live broadcast from the PGA show at: Thursday, January 26th - 11 a.m. – Noon: Live skype Q&A session with David Feherty, Billy Hurley III and Brandt Snedeker from Torrey Pines. - Noon – 1 p.m.: In Booth Q&A with Davis Love III, Will MacKenzie...
  12. coolbreeze

    Electronics Pondering with Kmac, Tmex and Coolbreeze

    Its time there was a place to nerd up the forum with our thoughts on what seems to be all of our second passions, electronics. So to start, I'm pondering an Android Phone, I want a touch screen and a corded keyboard cause thats important to me.
  13. coolbreeze

    Pics of your neighbourhood

    We have some family over from Vancouver today for an early Christmas and while walking around the neighbourhood I snapped some photos as we were walking around and thought I would post them here. Thought it might be nice to see where everyone else lives as well. Here is beautiful Sidney, BC on...
  14. coolbreeze

    AutoTune the News

    I'm sure many of you have liked these for a few years now as I have, but for those that have not seen them this stuff makes me laugh no matter how many times I have seen them. Here are the first 14: bduQaCRkgg4 tBb4cjjj1gI 5fngEnIkz44 OGhsbRb_pqE _SF8B0GuD04 uz1E_kF2dYw 8kctqw70N8w...
  15. coolbreeze

    Congrats to the BC Lions!

    Congrats to the Home Town BC Lions, who are the 2011 Grey Cup Champions! It was pretty cool that they won it at home for the first time since 1994 and it was a great win.
  16. coolbreeze


    I don't know how many of you know about Movember but I have been doing it for three years now and each year it grows bigger and bigger and raises more and more money for prostate cancer research. So far I have all my friends and family doing it, my whole office and anyone else I can convince to...
  17. coolbreeze

    Help with Swing if you don't mind.

    Well GolfTec, I've been taking some lessons recently as I've been stuggling with my game a little bit and I thought this would be the perfect time to finally get your thoughts. A little about my game, I'm a 10 HC who's been golfing for about 2 and a half years and seems to have hit a plateau...
  18. coolbreeze

    Journey to Average 30 Putts per Round.

    We have a lot of threads on milestones on THP and after having kept track of my Putts per round for the past year, I have found that I'm just losing far too many strokes in that part of the game. I currently average 33 putts per round, while not awful, its not good either, I have had more than...
  19. coolbreeze

    Conquer Club Anyone?

    Anyone else here a member of Conquer Club? Its pretty addicting and I love all the different maps and game styles. Anyway, if anyone else plays there my screen name there is elingsley, and I'm always up for a game. My favorite maps are classic, world 2.1, and Texan wars.
  20. coolbreeze

    A HUGE Thank you, to JB and GG.

    As some or most of you may know, myself and a co-worker have been helping THP now and again with some IT issues when they arise, and it has honestly been my pleasure to help out when I can. Last night after a long day at work, I went golfing and then came home when it was almost dark, and I...

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