1. Lions81

    Who Wins The Super Bowl?

    Very Easy. Which Team is going to Win and Why?? For reference the following teams are in play: AFC: Chiefs, Bills, Steelers are locked in. Can get in: Titans, Ravens, Browns, Colts, Dolphins NFC: Packers, Saints, Seahawks, Bucs, are locked in. Can get in: Cardinals, Bears and pretty much...
  2. Lions81

    Mixed Tour Event??

    Meaning a PGA player paired with an LPGA Player. Do you think this happens soon? Would you watch? Any teams you think would be really cool to watch? Where should it be played? Maybe a really cool unique track to help build an audience and get the biggest names to play?
  3. Lions81

    DTC Equipment - Do You Use? Have You Even Tried?

    It seems like more and more DTC golf companies are popping up up every day, whether it be in clubs (new level, sub 70) or Balls (Vice, Snell). Do You Use Them? Have you tried them? Any that you think are better than the big boys or at least as good so worth the savings? Do we think they have...
  4. Lions81

    Your Stats Vs The Pros

    The PGA Pros are the absolute best in the world at this game we all love. Below are a few of the Tour Averages. How do your Stats Measure Up? Any stats where you might be better than them? Any stats where you are shocked how much better they are? (Obviously its ok to estimate if you don't...
  5. Lions81

    Pick Your Shot Under Pressure: Part 3

    Did 2 of these a few years ago and they led to some good discussion. Here's the scenario. You have a chance to win $1M, but you can only pick 1 of the 3 shots and have to get up and down from there (meaning shot and 1 putt). Which one do you pick and why? (Don't Forget to Vote in the Poll too)...
  6. Lions81

    Hot Take: Spieth Is The New Duval

    My Hot Take: Jordan Spieth is the New David Duval. Let me make my case. Jordan Spieth is currently #77 in the world. It is crazy how fast he has fallen. It got me thinking, is there any other golfer I can remember who went from being on top of the game to just losing it so quickly. One name...
  7. Lions81

    How Many Putting Grips Have You Really Tried?

    How many putting grips (conventional, left hand low, claw, arm-lock, belly etc) have you really tried during your golfing career? Not just fooling around on the practice green or in the basement etc, but have actually committed to over at least a round or two (or more). When you tried the new...
  8. Lions81

    Pressure: Can You Handle It??

    Most of us have played in a competitive setting, whether it was a THP Event like the Morgan Cup or The Grandaddy (or any of the others), or a club championship or member guest, or maybe a local tournament tournament or even just a wager with friends. Have you handled it well? Have you been...
  9. Lions81

    Predict the 2021 Player of the Year

    Who do you think wins the 2021 Player of the Year? DJ coming off a dominant stretch of golf keeps it rolling? Bryson continues to smash it further every day, and already won a major, does he start to dominate? Justin Thomas gets back on top? Rahm had 2 huge wins, maybe he takes that next...
  10. Lions81

    The 50 Yard Shot

    The 50 Yard Shot, aka the "Partial Wedge" for most of us. It seems like it should be so easy, but for a lot of golfers it is one of the hardest shots. So let's hear from you. Do you consider yourself good at this shot? What club do you use for it most of the time? Any swing thoughts you...
  11. Lions81

    Santa Will Bring You 1 Golf Club(s): What Are You Asking For?

    Since all of us THP'ers are on the nice list, Santa will bring us all 1 golf gift (has to be a Club). It can be anything that has been announced, even if its pre-release. Driver, Iron Set, Custom Putter Etc. So What are you asking for and why?
  12. Lions81

    How Many Golf Shirts Do You Own?

    As the title says, how many golf shirts do you own? Vote (can be an estimate) Feel free to post a picture of them in all their glory if you would like.
  13. Lions81

    Create The Perfect Club

    Thought this could be a fun idea. Create the perfect Driver or Irons based on Clubs You Have Played in terms of the following: (1) Performance, (2) Looks, (3) Sound/Feel. So as an example mine would look like this: Driver: Performance of Callaway Mavrik, Looks of Titleist 913, Sound/Feel of...
  14. Lions81

    Commit To Playing a Great New Course Next Year

    So I think it's safe to say 2020 has been a down year for a lot of us, especially in terms of travel. So let's make the most of 2021. What great new (meaning you haven't played it before) course are you going to commit to playing next year? Let's hear it, and why you picked it.
  15. Lions81

    PNC Championship Thread

    Figure we should get a thread going for this one. Obviously a lot of us will be tuning in to see Tiger and his son Charlie. Some other big names are Justin Thomas, Bubba Watson, and of course Jack, Tom, and Gary, and Jon Daly. Annika will be the first woman to play in the event as well...
  16. Lions81

    American Dunes & Folds of Honor

    Was just doing some reading about this new course that will be opening in the spring here in Michigan, a Nicklaus Design in collaboration with Lt Colonel Rooney and Folds of Honor. Sounds pretty cool. From their website, "Proudly 100% of American Dunes’ annual profit will be given to The...
  17. Lions81

    Do You Enjoy Playing Very Hard Courses / Setups?

    So a bit of background. Yesterday I played the course that will be hosting the PGA event in 2 weeks here in Detroit. Last year the scores were very low, and apparently the Tour told them it needs to play much more difficult. So in response they have grown the rough like crazy especially...
  18. Lions81

    Who Influences Golf Purchases The Most?

    So its now 2020, and a lot of things have changed in the golf industry over the last 10 or so years. My question is, who do you think influences golf purchases the most? Would it be tour usage? Would it be the OEM's through advertising, social media etc? Would it be Youtube reviewers who...
  19. Lions81

    2020 Golf Trips

    I always enjoy hearing about golf trips other THP'ers are planning and taking, as well as reading about bucket list course reviews and seeing pictures. So let's hear it. Have any trips lined up already for this year? Or still in the planning stages? Any bucket list trips in the works?
  20. Lions81

    Swing Changes - Do You Embrace & Enjoy Them?

    Let's say you go to a good instructor for a bit of a "tune up", but instead he recommends some pretty major changes to your swing. You know they will likely help you improve long-term, but the reality is you will probably get worse before you get better. Do you commit 100% to making them...

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