1. MWard

    Matt Every suspended 12 weeks

    Tested positive for marijuana. Again. Bless his little heart.
  2. MWard

    Bogey train

    We’ve all taken a ride on this horrible locomotive from time to time in our golf round. Sometimes they’re great bogeys based on where you were off the tee, and sometimes you hop aboard after a great drive, but hit a terrible approach shot and leave yourself an impossible two putt. My personal...
  3. MWard

    Reshafting your irons, Mward style

    Thought I would post up a fun and eyeopening way for those unfamiliar with reshafting work and a nice step by step process on how to do it. Shoutout to our staff writers and JB for showing everyone the more advanced stuff for those who are more comfortable with it all!
  4. MWard

    Happy birthday Madison Ann

    Been a full year to the minute. Happy first birthday sweet girl.
  5. MWard

    Those with kids: When did you introduce them to golf?

    Our little one watches me pretty intently when I'm putting in the house. I'd love to take her golfing with me when she's old enough, but I don't know when it'd be a good age to start letting her do stuff like chip and putt. I figure it won't be for at least another year, but wanted to get the...
  6. MWard

    FS: Nippon Modus 120 stiff 5-pw

    .370 tip diameter, looking for $160 shipped. Can be out the door in 24hrs.
  7. MWard

    How will you get better in 2017?

    2017 starts in two days. It's time to kiss 2016's golf season goodbye and start focusing on 2017. How are you going to make your golf in 2017 better than it was in 2016? For me, it's going to be fitness oriented. I'm not gonna be able to get in a lot of rounds once the baby comes near April, so...
  8. MWard

    FS: 33in Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2

    Always kept under a headcover when not in use, taken as best care of it as I could. Asking $200 shipped. OEM cover has never seen the course. Ignore the stuff under the second photo, it was taken because the first one gave a weird wear look to the center of the face that isn't there lol
  9. MWard

    Black Diamond Ranch Golf and Country Club Course Review

    Located in Citrus County FL in the remains of an old rock quarry lies Black Diamond Ranch, this Tom Fazio design ties in the slight elevation that slightly exists as you leave the Tampa Bay Area with the natural terrain that exists in the quarry. The result gives you unbelievable views on top of...
  10. MWard

    Best putting tips

    Some of THP will be hitting their winter months here soon, and that means no golf for a while. That means, it's the best time to work on things like swing changes or putting! That being said, what are some of your favorite putting drills for when you're stuck inside? Mine is the shop ruler...
  11. MWard

    Tour Championship final round announcement

    Just came out a little while ago, the last three hours of the final round of the tour championship presented by Coca-Cola will be commercial free. Guess that means we'll actually see a good amount of golf from NBC in a big event!
  12. MWard

    How do you handle pressure?

    I thought this might be a fun thread to help others plus be helped by others when dealing with pressure situations on the golf course. Whether it be for a personal best, your first birdie/eagle or whatever. How do you handle the pressure when it starts to creep up? Do you embrace it and improve...
  13. MWard

    The one shot that got you hooked

    Everyone has heard or even said the saying, "that's the shot that keeps you coming back to this game" after someone either stripes one down the center, or flags an approach. So that being said, what was your shot that got you hooked on this game that turned poured gas on the fire for you? Mine...
  14. MWard

    2016 wedges

    I'm always in a bit of a wedge pondering mood, and 2016 so far has yet to disappoint with regards to releases from the major companies. That being said, what company has surprised you so far about the 2016 wedges? Or, what's disappointed you and why?
  15. MWard

    Red Ramen Burger

    The bun is made of ramen noodles.
  16. MWard

    Superstroke Plus XL grip preview

    Coming in within the next week or so is the Superstroke putting grip with its countercore technology. With the +PLUS SERIES grips, players can easily install a 50g back-weight through our proprietary threaded cap design. We call it CounterCore technology, which allows you to fine-tune feel...
  17. MWard

    Frank Sinatra Jr - 3/16/16

    CBS news reporting that Sinatra Jr passed away this morning, he was 72. Cardiac arrest. Edit: I can't type 6 vs 7
  18. MWard

    UST Mamiya - 2016 PGA Show

  19. MWard

    Footjoy - 2016 PGA Show


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