1. DataDude

    AR (Augmented Reality) & Golf

    With Apple supposedly working on a set of glasses that would overlay images onto the real world how cool would this technology be for golf? What if you just looked out over the hole and there were distances to bunkers, creeks, and the green? If they put GPS chips in the balls there could be an...
  2. DataDude

    Chateau Elan Resort & Spa

    As promised during the Titleist T-Series iron event I wanted to write a review of the resort where the event took place. I am sure some of the other guys may have some things to say as well so this will give everyone a spot to share their thoughts. This resort would be a great place for a long...
  3. DataDude

    Under The Radar Band Recommendations

    This thread is to post recommendations for under the radar, little known bands that play great music and you would like others to know about. Please post the name of the band, a brief description of their music, and a link to Youtube video of one of the band's songs that will give everyone a...
  4. DataDude

    It's All About Address

    So I am working on my golf swing and getting rid of my over the top motion. I have swung like this before, but in my infinite wisdom I kept hitting huge push fades so I started adjusting away from that in my swing until I didn't fade or slice it which of course got me over the top again trying...
  5. DataDude

    Bandon Dunes: The Sheep Ranch

    Photos hitting the WWW on golf.com and golfdigest.com today. This course looks amazing. This double green on the point here looks to be the distinguishing feature. The folks that got to play 9 say it plays like Old Mac in that rollout and ground game are crucial. It has no sand traps at all and...
  6. DataDude

    Why Don't More Manufacturers Do Ultimate Testing?

    Serious question for everyone here. As I am on the eve of my first trip in 2 weeks with Titleist T-Series iron testing the question for me is why isn't everyone doing something with THP? I found this site by searching for info on a driver I was thinking about purchasing. Reading reviews here...
  7. DataDude

    Classic Scotty Cameron Putters

    What is a classic model Scotty Cameron putter that you loved and why you got along with it so well? Please post photos of your putter if you still have it or a web photo if you have sold it.
  8. DataDude

    Favorite Pizza Toppings

    You're ordering a pizza for you and you alone, how do you top it? I go no sauce, extra cheese, sausage, green olives, onions
  9. DataDude

    Your Favorite Hole

    What is your favorite hole? Has to be one you've played. Pictures and a description would be awesome if you can find or have them.
  10. DataDude

    Original K-Sig 4 Piece Still Available?

    There is some speculation around the good old interweb that these may be the exact same ball as the original 4 piece K-Sig that tested better than the ProV1. https://pearlgolf.com/products/pure-soft-x
  11. DataDude

    Spinoff: Poor Golf Course Conditions

    My question on layout or conditioning brought me to another question. Where is the line crossed for a course to be in poor condition verses it being in ok condition. Obviously all courses are not pristine so where does a course cross the line into "I don't really enjoy playing there anymore"?
  12. DataDude

    Layout Or Condition?

    Of course I know there are courses out there that have amazing designs and are kept in tip top shape, but given the choice between a great layout in pretty good shape or a middle of the road layout in pristine condition which would you choose? Personally I grew up on a course with a fun...
  13. DataDude

    One Side Miss

    I am basically done with my golf season so it's time to start thinking about next season and what I want to work on in the offseason. Last year I ended the year at 22.3 and this season I ended at 18.4. Next year I want to get to below 15. I read an article about getting from a high handicap...
  14. DataDude

    Why are blade irons so expensive?

    We keep getting told the other clubs are expensive because of all the technology. To my knowledge there is nothing new in making a forged muscle back iron. In fact the main draw to playing them is that they are the same as they've always been. Maybe they have better shafts than they used to, but...
  15. DataDude

    Most Annoying Trait In A Fellow Golfer

    What is the most annoying thing that someone you are playing with can do? Something that just grinds your gears. One thing that bugs the crap out of me is the person who is never ready. Maybe they have been drinking, maybe they're just slow, but they are always the last one on the tee, last...
  16. DataDude

    How Many Holes If We Reinvented Golf?

    If we started from scratch and reinvented the game of golf how many holes would you make the typical course? What mix of pars?
  17. DataDude

    $1000 Gift Card For Golf

    You get a $1000 gift card that can only be used for golf. It has to be spent within 1 month and you can use it on golf equipment or accessories. What are you buying? I think for me I would go out to eBay and find a set of Callaway Apex 19 irons with Recoil shafts in them. They would have to...
  18. DataDude

    Match Play Tips & Tricks

    Given that my golf trip is coming up in 2 weeks and we do a Ryder Cup style format I wanted to discuss some tips and tricks for match play. We play 2 man best ball Thursday and Friday morning and 2 man scramble both of those afternoons. Then we do singles on Saturday. Match play also happens to...
  19. DataDude

    Rank Current Irons (Top 3)

    Give a personal top 3 ranking for the current irons out right now. This can be based on desire, performance, perception, etc, but it has to be your ranking. Give a brief reason for each pick: 1. Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal: Obviously my favorites. They are in my bag, I had the 900's and I loved...
  20. DataDude

    Zapping Short Game Shots

    I have seen several people criticize people for using their range finder on short game shots. I know this is probably in response to slow play or whatever, but the partial game thread made me think about this. The short game is about the only part of the game that I use my zapper. I really don't...

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