1. chefkritter

    Official Golfing Weather Thread

    Cool and rainy here today, no dice.
  2. chefkritter

    EXPERIENCE The Foundry with Evolve will Return in 2020

    This was sooooo much fun to follow and all of their stuff is amazing. Glad to see it returning.
  3. chefkritter

    Your All-Time Favorite THP Thread?

    2018 Morgan Cup thread with Freddie & Jake as captains. Great group of guys On both sides. Miss our guy
  4. chefkritter

    Review StaminaPro Recovery Patches

    Great write up, well put in that they dont take all the pain away in severe cases but do lessen the pain. (y)
  5. chefkritter

    The Official Banter Away Thread

    Halfway through my busiest travel month in a long time. 3 work trips down, 3 to go before thanksgiving, 1 just after and then home for the month of December.
  6. chefkritter

    How Long Since Your Personal Best?

    22 years Shot 63 and can remember every shot.
  7. chefkritter

    What did you shoot today?

    75 yesterday after a full night in the casino, a brief nap while showering, back to the tables and then teed off. 14/18 greens 10/12 fairways
  8. chefkritter

    Official Rant of the Day

    This has got to be the busiest 2 months of travel that I have done in a long time. Every week since start of October it’s a 3 day travel trip at least. 2 trips next week, two the following week and now it looks like a trip to Vancouver the Sunday thru Tuesday the week of thanksgiving.
  9. chefkritter

    CELEBRATION You Are Headed to the Morgan Cup

    Seeing a Morgan Cup spot being selected and the excitement has got to make you love the buildup that is THE Morgan Cup !
  10. chefkritter

    CELEBRATION You Are Headed to the Morgan Cup

    Congrats!!!! The dreams are reality now!!!
  11. chefkritter

    Pick a car... any car!

    Im gonna go with the Mercedes AMG G Wagon 4x4...........Seems like a good family car. :ROFLMAO:
  12. chefkritter

    TEASER Dream Foursome with OGIO is coming in 2020

    What an awesome experience!!! well done THP!
  13. chefkritter

    What is the longest iron you carry? Why?

    Currently its the Srixon 785 4 iron. Its 205-210 for me and anything longer than that i utilize a hybrid. For me I feel like i can manipulate the trajectory with the hybrid more than with a 3 or 2 iron, along with being a bit more forgiving.
  14. chefkritter

    The Official Banter Away Thread

    Buy like 3 of them on Amazon and keep one loaded in whatever you typically take on the plane with you and just leave them until its empty.
  15. chefkritter

    Give This Hole a Name

    Your Double Awaits you could also put it on the hole description at the tee box to pick up for a double now to speed up play.

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