1. Super Tuna

    Swing Discussion: Transition to the downswing

    Greetings all, Honestly, I'm not really sure where this thread should go so I figured I would just stick it here for now as it's not quite a Ask the Pro question since I don't really know the question. Through my golfing journey over the past year and a half my swing has done some major, major...
  2. Super Tuna

    WTB: Taylormade R11 Driver and 3 wood head

    Sorted Out. Lock'er up as you like.
  3. Super Tuna

    The Great Cobra Experiment - 1 seasonish on, what's your take?

    Greetings all, First, I'd like to take you back to January at the PGA show when all the coverage was coming from THP about the Cobra booth and the new Amp, Baffler and ZL Encore lines. The reaction was pretty visceral and immediate with people falling pretty quick on the love or hate side of...
  4. Super Tuna

    New THPer to the Tuna household

    Morning all!Late last night our brand new THPer decided it was time to come out to the big scary world.Pictures to come but we're super excited to welcome littlr Callista to our home. 6.5 lbs, both her and mommy are doing well, though everyone is super tired. Huzzah!
  5. Super Tuna

    FS: 910D3 head, Miura irons, irons, Cameron, Prototype shaft

    Greetings all, Time for another clear out! Last one before the minion comes and to (hopefully) set most of my bag for the next while. Pricing including shipping to Canada/US through FedEx, Canada Post or USPS depending on where you want something shipped. Payment through paypal please. Don’t...
  6. Super Tuna

    WTB Attas 7/8 Shafts

    Evening, If anyone happens to have a Attas 7 or 8 in stiff flex and is willing to part with it, let me know (not a T2 or a 3. Just the original). Trying to hunt one of each weight level out. Cheers!
  7. Super Tuna

    I need to sell more stuff for the baby room? *sigh* (SFTP, i20's, SM4's, Cameron,etc)

    Good Evening, Last stop for these puppies before they hit the Bay since Tuna and Co just moved and need the room/cash. All prices have shipping included to Canada/US. 9 items for now. A couple more next week in a new thread. Just think, if your signifigant other questions the purchase tell them...
  8. Super Tuna

    Razr Fit Adapters - In bound for cheaper!

    Greetings, I know Dean will share my joy here since we regularly gripe about OEM adapters. In case anyone missed it, Golf Works is releasing the Callaway Razr Fit adapters which will be for $24.99 each rather then the $70 plus they're going for on the bay. These will be rolling in Mid May. Huzzah!
  9. Super Tuna

    Callaway uDesign - custom razr fit driver colors

    Evening, It might have been posted elsewhere and I totally missed it but has anyone else found this: http://udesign.callawaygolf.com/ Does nothing for performance but the different colours on the Razr Fit are pretty sharp
  10. Super Tuna

    FS: SF1 TP Driver, VR hybrid (21/24), Kusala Black, Scotty Cameron

    Greetings all! Still need to clear out the closet for the rest of the impending baby stuff. All items include shipping in the US/Canada. Let me know if you need more pictures or have any questions. 1: Taylormade Superfast 1.0 TP, 10.5 with Matrix HD6 shaft in stiff flex for a right hander. The...
  11. Super Tuna

    The OMG we're having a baby sale part 2

    Evening Gents, The OMG we're having a baby sale continues since I've now found more things that need a new home. Plus I have an absurd amount of irons. Shipping includes US and Canada. I recently looked into shipping to Europe and Oz and it's wicked expensive. I can do so but will have to pass...
  12. Super Tuna

    Blur shafts (TS65, 005)?

    Evening, Has anyone had a go with a Blur shaft, either the TS or the 005 outside of a R11 TP? This line of shaft really intriguies me and I think it's gotten a bad rap because of how many strong swingers didn't like the stock R11 option. Before I hunt either of them down I'm curious if anyone...
  13. Super Tuna

    Tuna's "There's a baby on the way" Sale - Drivers/Fairway/Irons/Shafts

    Greetings! So with a baby on the way it's time to see if some of these clubs can find themselves a new home to pay for scary things like a crib and such. Oh my... Anyways here they are. Prices including shipping to the US/Canada. Don't like the number? Make me an offer as I'm motivated for...
  14. Super Tuna

    Taylormade Custom shaft list for 2012

    I hope this isn't breaking the embargo, in which case can an admin please can this, but I got the list of custom shafts that TM will be offering in 2012 and it's really quite impressive. RIP Phenom 50, 60, 70 and 80 RIP Beta 60,70 RIP Gamma 60 RIP'D NV 65 Blur 45 Blur TP 55 and 65 Motore VC...
  15. Super Tuna

    Custom Wedge creation?

    Greetings all, Aside from My Custom wedge from Cleveland, does anyone else know who might do custom wedges? Grind, letter stamping and a custom logo engraving would be the requirements. Cheers!
  16. Super Tuna

    Standard plumbers neck hosel size / Seemore DB4 hosel size?

    Evening Gents, With a standard stepless putter shaft in a plumbers neck setup, that's usually a .355 taper tip that's required right? I think this goes for Betti's, Mills, Cameron's, etc Also I'm not sure if this is possible due to how the RST is, but does anyone know if it's possible to swap...
  17. Super Tuna

    Titleist custom options update

    Evening all, If you're eyeballing Titleist equipment, they've updated their custom options PDF as well as the launch/spin shaft (stiff flex shafts, tipped 0.5 for the sure fit adapter hit with a D2 9.5 driver). They've added the white and blue boards back to the mix. Along with popular things...
  18. Super Tuna

    FS: Help Tuna's wife regain her closet - Drivers/Fairways/Hybrids/putter/shafts

    Good Evening gents, Looks like it's time to clean the closet again since I've finally got the bag settled again. All prices are in USD and including shipping with USPS. Feel free to send me offers if you don't like the prices and we'll work something out. Ping K15 Driver - Digitally lofted at...
  19. Super Tuna

    Srixon ZTX 420/Crazy 435 released in NA?

    Evening all, Anyone happen to know if Srixon is going to release the ZTX 420 in North Amercia or is it something I going to have to get from Japan? All I'm hearing is rave reviews for feel with it's forged faced with a Kusala shaft of your choice. While we're on the subject, Crazy drivers and...

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