1. gts1982

    El Bandito The Nicest Guy I Have Never Met (in person)

    To make a long story short I was looking for baking tins that are impossible to find here in the states. I was looking for these to make a fruit tart that my Grandmother used to make (she was from England). I gave shout out to the Hackers from across the pond and sure enough El Bandito ordered...
  2. gts1982

    Win burner 2.0 driver and irons

  3. gts1982

    Monday after the masters giveaway

  4. gts1982

    headed to O.C. in Feb.

    I am going to Orange County in the beginning of Feb. for 10 days and was looking at places to play a round. I have been looking at Strawberry Farms and was looking for feedback or suggestions. Thanks
  5. gts1982

    My first golf lesson

    I started really goling last year and got to play about five to six times a month maybe more. I have gotten to be okay, not very consistant though. This year I bought an annual pass to a golf course that is practicly in my back yard. The assistant pro there has given me a few pointers that have...
  6. gts1982


    I signed up in mayt but never intoduced myself. I love the forum, I check on my phone all the time. Still trying to get used to it, this is the first forum I have ever joined. I love golf and try to play as much as I can ( usually 2 to 3 times a week). I just started really getting into the game...

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