1. ABSGolf

    Golf Bag - Why did you buy your one?

    Hey THP Community, It's funny how a new release or product, gets you thinking about purchases, so I wanted to kick off the conversation. Golf Bags - Why did you buy the one you use? What's the reason you bought the golf bag you did? The reason I ask this question is that we can get all the...
  2. ABSGolf

    WTB (UK) Cleveland VAS Irons

    Hey Everyone! I'm looking for a full set of Cleveland VAS Irons (Yes, I know they are quite the odd design!) I have a Cleveland VAS #2 Iron, and want to get the rest of the set :D If there's anyone selling a set in the UK - please contact me :D
  3. ABSGolf

    ABS Golf - WITB

    Hey Everyone :) Finally found a golf community that seems to be really active, and I hope I can contribute to your community too! I'll give my background quickly: - Started to take the game more seriously in 2018/2019 after playing a few times a year while I pursued other sports. - Played 60+...

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