1. flix

    The Fitness & Workout Thread

    Resurrecting the thread since it got lost in cyberspace due to a corrupt backup file. This is a thread about working out. Here we discuss manly things like lifting heavy weights at the gym. Not cardio or other forms of workout like yoga, spinning and so on. Feel free to participate in...
  2. flix

    iPad thread - games?

    So, I'm looking forward to a long journey sitting on an airplane the coming week and I need some entertainment. So what are your best games? Please share all your secret game apps! At the moment I have RISK, monopoly and Angry Birds, but what other good games suitable for an iPad is there out...
  3. flix

    Taylormade White Smoke (Available April 2012)

    Just noticed that Taylormade has a new putter. Searched the forum but found no thread about it so i thought i would create one. I think it's rather intriguing. I really liked the look of the Ghost putters but found them a bit too expensive and wasnt to fond of the black Classic putters. So this...
  4. flix

    Wilson Staff Performance Cart Bag 2012 Review

    Today i received my new W/S cart bag that a friend of mine gave me after a little incident involving a speeding ticket. Unfortunately this is a European release only as far as i know (and as i've understood from W/S homepage) and i have no clue if W/S is intending to release it in the US. But i...
  5. flix

    Ping i20 hybrid

    Searched the forum for a thread about the i20 hybrid but couldn't find one so thought I would create one. But if there is one already I am sorry and mods may merge this with that and I blame tapatalk's search thingie. But what do you think about that club those of you who have tried it? I...
  6. flix

    Optimal driver fitting numbers according to trackman - chart

    So i shared this chart in another thread but thought that it could be a good idea to post as its own thread also if someone would be looking for it/something like it. I know it has been posted before but that was also in a thread talking about driver fittings so it would be a bit harder to find...
  7. flix

    Official Spotify thread! Share and enjoy!

    So i've seen a bit of fuzz about Spotify here lately and what i've seen it looks like people like it. So i thought about why not create a thread for sharing music that you listen to. Like the snack, drink thread and so on. Could be fun! I'm going to start with sharing two playlists. This is...
  8. flix

    Heavy Putter by Bocceri Golf

    Have anyone tried a putter from Bocceri and if so, what do you think about it? On the hunt for a new flat stick and noticed this. Unfortunatly i havn't had the ability to test one myself yet.
  9. flix

    Spotify has landed in the U.S!

    https://www.spotify.com/se/hello-america/ Music streaming on your computer and on your cell phone. Sign up for an invite or let me know if you don't receive one and i'll fix it for you. And being a "day one" user here on this side of the pond i must say it rocks!
  10. flix

    My ball fitting experience

    Did a bridgestone ball fitting today in real life (only did their online version earlier). And man what an eye opener! When I did the online version I was fitted with the 330RX and I've used it a couple of times since. Now, at the fitting I got fitted with the e6 and the numbers was alot better...
  11. flix

    Struggling with a slice

    At the moment I struggle with an irritating slice when I use my 4 and 5 iron. I have experimented a bit with the ball position but haven't managed to straighten it out. Do you have any idea what it could be since it's only with those two irons I have this problem? And any tips on exercises to...
  12. flix

    Best site to buy "used" golf balls?

    I'm looking for a good US site that sells refurbished/recycled golf balls. So my question to you americans is what is the best online store to order from according to you? Cheap, fast delivery and so on. Ps. Did a search on the forum but didn't find a good topic for this question, so if there...
  13. flix

    The TaylorMade Supreme Hybrid 2.0 (thougts and pictures)

    Ordered it 1,5 weeks ago and finally it arrived! So i'm going to bombard you with some pictures and my thoughs about how awesome i think this bag is. In my eyes TMaG thought about everything when they created this Hybrid. It has that 14 way divider and full length dividers to prevent me from...
  14. flix

    Adidas Powerband Grind review

    I bought myself new a pair of golf shoes recently and figured i would share my thoughts on them and maybe help someone who is in need of a new pair themselves. So this is a small review from me (and also the first one i've ever done so bare with me). In the box Out of the box And the...
  15. flix

    Taylormade Giveaway for you Americans!

    Taylormade is giving away 20.000 clubs (a 6 iron) for free to prove that their Taylormade Burner 2.0 is the best. So to have a chance of receiveing a club sign up here: http://www.taylormadegolf.com/burner/events.aspx?utm_source=NEWS&utm_medium=EM&utm_campaign=burner01252011 Only for US...
  16. flix

    Does it get any better?

    Celebrated my birthday today with playing 18 holes. Shot a "good" 95. Managed to lower my hcp with .4 (always something!) even though it felt like it was a hurricane on the course with strong winds. So, what did i learn from todays round of golf. Well, i really need to work on my chipping and...
  17. flix

    Change ball? Ball-fitting? And some random shaft mumbojumbo..

    Ok, i have been playing the Callaway Tour-I:s and Titleist NXT Tour for the last season but after reading about ball-fitting here on the forums i am starting to think that i can actually gain a few yards by just changing ball. I have tried some "ball-fitting" on diffrent producers homepages but...
  18. flix

    Golf in Dallas area in feb-mars? anything open?

    Anything open at that time of the year in the Dallas area? feb-march? bad spelling in topic ;) Just wondering since it looks like i will be flying over next year and thinking about bringing the sticks :) But i have no clue if any course have open at that time of the year, i know it must be...
  19. flix

    Any "non" americans in here?

    Been reading the forms from time to time now, but figured it was also time to get myself an account. But i wonder, anyone from Europe on the forums?

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