1. Landy

    For Sale Srixon z765 6 & 7 Iron Heads

    Hello - I am selling Srixon z765 - 6 and 7 iron heads. These are just the heads no shafts. They are in EXCELLENT condition, photos tell the story. Asking $60.00 each plus $7.95 for shipping or both for $100.00 and $7.95 for shipping. Will only ship in the lower 48 US states, no Intl shipping...
  2. Landy

    SIM Max vs SIM2 Max in 3 Woods

    Hello - Has anyone compared these two 3 woods? I have a SIM Max 3 wood and dont see much of a difference to the SIM2 Max 3 wood. Please let me know your thoughts and if its worth a change. Thank you and stay safe
  3. Landy

    For Sale Fujikura Speeder 569 Evo Vl Taylormade adapter

    Hello I am selling a Fujikura Speeder Evo Vl with TaylorMade SIM and M Series adapter. Shaft is MINT! Photos tell the story Brand - Fujikura Range - Speeder Evolution Vl Weight/Torque - 569 = 53g/4.9 Adapter - Authentic TaylorMade M-series & SIM's (purchased of the TM site) Launch/Spin -...
  4. Landy

    Cobra PX Hzrdus Black 60 RDX - Specs

    Hello - Looking into the RadSpeed XD and pairing it with the PX Hzrdus Black 60 RDX. But on the Cobra site they list an R flex shaft, which is the route I would take. Does anyone have the specs for this and is it the real deal or a made for? Thank you and stay safe.
  5. Landy

    For Sale Srixon Z85 Navy Blue Stand Bag

    Hello - I am selling my Srixon Z85 Navy Blue Stand Bag. Only taken out of the office twice to the range. Bag is MINT, photos tell the story. Comes with its rain hood. Please feel free to PM me with any questions. $125.00 shipped via USPS ground in the lower 48 states. No International...
  6. Landy

    For Sale TaylorMade SIM Max 9* Head - Fujikura Speeder Evo 1(Royal Blue) - Cleveland RTX4

    Hello - I have a few things for sale. Please note list below. TaylorMade SIM MAX 9* Driver Head (No Shaft) - MINT condition with headcover and wrench Asking $250.00 + $12.50 for shipping - Only ship in the lower 48 states - No trades - SOLD Fujikura Speeder Evolution 474 Shaft (Royal Blue) -...
  7. Landy

    For Sale TaylorMade SIM Irons - KBS Max shafts - 4 to AW

    Hello - I am selling my MINT set of SIM Irons. These were factory ordered with KBS Max 65 graphite shafts. Only the 6 and 7 irons have been hit on the range. Ordering the new SIM2 irons this week. Details below: Brand - TaylorMade Model - SIM Max Irons Range - 4 iron SIM Max OS/5 -AW SIM Max...
  8. Landy

    SIM MAX spins less than the SIM MAX2?

    Hello - Has anyone seen the SIM MAX spin less than than the MAX2 in the same lofts and shafts? This is what I have picked up from some reviews. Thank you for your input!
  9. Landy

    Taylormade SIM2 Irons

    Hello - I see the new SIM2 irons have been submitted for approval. Does anyone have any news on these? Are they more like the old M5's? Thank you and stay safe
  10. Landy

    Driver for 2021 G425 vs RAD

    Hello has anyone compared these two drivers? These are my two choices for 2021. Stay safe and happy holidays
  11. Landy

    TaylorMade SIM 2.0 Irons

    Hello - does anyone know if TM will be releasing a new SIM 2.0 iron closer to the M5? The current SIM Max is more of an M6 than an M5. Thank you and stay safe.
  12. Landy

    Ping Drivers g410 vs g425

    Hello has anyone compared these two drivers? Is the 425 worth the wait and upgrade? Please share your feedback thank you
  13. Landy

    Ball to reduce side spin

    Hello - Was looking for feedback on the best ball to reduce side spin. I know the old E-series from Bridgestone helped, but not sure any longer. Not on a budget just the best ball for this. My SS is 88-90mph. Thank you and stay safe!
  14. Landy

    Nippon 920 for XXIO

    Hello - Does anyone have info on the Nippon 920 steel shafted offered by XXIO in the X Series irons? Can't find any info on the XXIO site or the Nippon site. I assume its a "made for" shaft, but would like some specs. And XXIO doesnt offer any shaft options, all clubs are as is. Thank you and...
  15. Landy

    Titleist ProV1x Left Dash vs AVX vs ProV1x

    Hello - Has anyone compared these three balls? Or do they not belong in the same category? I have read and seen test where these work well for average swing speed and reduce spin. Fortunately not on a budget for golf balls, just looking for a high launch low spinning for 90mph SS. Please share...
  16. Landy

    Srixon ZX4 Irons??

    Hello - Has anyone heard of a new set of irons from Srixon, labeled the ZX4's? They are a spinoff of the Cleveland UHX Irons. Thanks for your input and stay safe.
  17. Landy

    Srixon z585 vs XXIO X Irons

    Hello - Was wondering if anyone has compared these two irons? What did you find and which was longer and more forgiving? Not playing as much so looking for added help. Thank you and stay safe.
  18. Landy

    TaylorMade SIM irons?

    Hello - Does anyone know if Taylormade is going to issue a SIM iron? Something smaller than the SIM Max and Max OS or closer to the M5's? Thank you and stay safe
  19. Landy

    Srixon ZX Drivers

    Hello - I know the Srixon drivers dont get too much press, but has anyone seen Mike Newtons review of the new ZX series? He was crushing the ZX5. Anyone had the opportunity to demo these drivers? Also anyone know the shaft options? Thank you and stay safe.
  20. Landy

    TaylorMade SIM Irons vs Mizuno 921 Hot Metal Pro

    Hello - I was wondering if anyone has had a chance to demo or play these two irons. Distance? Feel? Flight? And which shaft. Thanking you in advance for your feedback!

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