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    Mallet for a current blade user

    I’m waiting delivery on a mid-mallet Scotty Cameron Squareback 2 It is basically a Scotty Newport, with a deeper sole (front to back)... i tried a full mallet... gamed a Ping Craz-E for a couple of years and the full mallet, while nice, was a little bit distracting for me. I think the...
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    Legalized Sports Betting and the Tour

    Sorry, but just not a fan. Sure, I've been in the odd football pool and bought a square here and there but i don't think the current trajectory of bringing "mainstream" gambling, to the masses, will end well for many. Tap a link on your phone and start whizzing away some hard earned, after...
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    reducing swing weight in Sim2 Max driver...

    So THAT’S what I’ve gone wrong all these years!!! 🤔
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    What club are you hitting here?

    Whichever I choose...... it’s the wrong club. Believe me. 🥴
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    Weather in your area.

    So, what you’re saying is.... the weather is near perfect?? 😆
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    Weather in your area.

    8 day forecast.... other than today, nothing all that spectacular here in CT......
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    What is the Second Best Major?

    The Open is 1b
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    Bonfires: Yay or Nay?

    Bonfires.... 100% As long as it's in an area where the risk of anything else going up in flames is pretty much nil. I remember some massive beach bonfires growing up.... Nowadays, here in CT, they're frowned upon pretty much anywhere it would be sensible to actually have a bonfire. So... we...
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    Chipping Woes

    There is another free instruction video out there from Top Speed Golf. Sort of long, but the guy doing instruction, Clay Ballard, gives pretty good info on the how’s and why’s of the different pitch and chip shots. If I can find it, I’ll add a link.
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    Were you afraid to play Golf after Sciatica episode?

    There was a back pain thread a month or so ago and @Jaw2000 had some excellent input (i felt) on what worked for him to help prevent ongoing pain/back issues..... https://www.thehackersparadise.com/forum/index.php?threads/lower-back-pain.54999/page-5#post-9855522 i’m a big fan of weight loss...
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    Gary Player Son Banned

    I hope you’re right.... I hate to think the old man had anything to do with this behavior.
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    Gary Player Son Banned

    Guessing they didn’t learn this behavior on their own...
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    Were you afraid to play Golf after Sciatica episode?

    Sciatica is excruciating... i wouldn’t wish it on anyone. it’s weird but swinging a club isn’t all that bad.... the hardest part, for me, is going from a sitting position to standing, and then the first few steps... it can bring tears to your eyes. It’s been a couple of years since my last...
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    Gary Player Son Banned

    I feel like Players sons are always involved in some sketchy stuff..... wasn’t there a recent arrest for one? And didn’t Gary win 5 mil in a lawsuit from another? Why should any of the last weeks shenanigans surprise us?
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    What Golf Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Another half hour on the putting mat. I try to do this every evening. I’ve really been working on my putting stroke in an effort to maintain a smooth consistent move. The PuttOUT trainer keeps me occupied on the pace of putts as well.
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    How would you play it?

    185-195 carry? 20 mph wind? I'd probably just go right to the drop area.
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    Favorite Par 3 Length?

    anything up to about 185 or so.....
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    Your Diamond in the Rough best places to play

    Glad you enjoyed World Woods too... i was just amazed with the place.... Uh oh.... Xavier, eh?? My son was an FP kid (he will be 27 this year). Plenty of rivalry in athletics between those schools over the years!
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    Your Diamond in the Rough best places to play

    I don't get away from CT, for golf, very often... so, aside from Connecticut Courses ( where I guess all of CT could be considered off the beaten path) i don't have a ton of outside experience... That said: World Woods in Brooksville, FL - either the Pine Barrens OR the Rolling Oaks course...

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