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    PuttOUT Compact Putting Mirror..... Anyone?

    I’ve been working on my putting pretty seriously over the winter. While early in the season here in CT, I’ve already seen definite improvement on the greens, so that’s a plus. I’m considering adding a putting mirror to my practice regimen.... Has anyone used the PuttOut putting mirror (Compact...
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    Women’s golf shoes

    So, this is a question on recommendations for women’s golf shoes. My wife has psoriatic arthritis which seems to affect her feet the most. Her current shoes just don’t cut it. She’s looking for new golf shoes that offer support AND comfort. Any THP ladies out there have suggestions that...
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    GPS Watch recommendations

    My older Garmin S20 gave up the ghost today on my first round of the year.... won’t turn on, won’t charge... It was fairly basic in comparison to some of the watches I’ve seen more recently and I didn’t even use all of the features (most notably, scoring) There is just so much to fiddle with...
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    Michael Jordan's Course.... The Grove XXIII

    Anybody read the article today on MJ's new course The Grove XXIII ?? kind of interesting twist on how he handled the distance issue (all in the name of taking money from pro's in big money matches... https://www.yahoo.com/news/michael-jordans-golf-course-designed-183330050.html Can i post...
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    Putter Length

    Question regarding putter length.... What is the method used to correctly determine putter length? Not sure what my current putter is (i THINK 33” but feel I need to be a little more upright, especially for long practice sessions. (Lower back issues) As for my height.... 5’ 10” maybe a...
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    Scotty Squareback 2.0 - dimensions

    Hi there gang.... I'm trying to find a Scotty Squareback Special Select 2.0 to test, but not having much luck locally - waiting on a couple of places to receive stock. I'm really looking for the dimensions of the putter head which I'm "a bit" picky about. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong...
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    Anybody else looking forward to Annika teeing it up in an LPGA event at the end of this month? Hope she has a great tournament.
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    Sunday Bag?

    Anybody use a Sunday bag, or other small-ish carry bag ? Thinking about picking one up for 2021. Closest I have is a 35 year old Jones golf bag, which is pretty crusty, and has seen better days. Thanks!
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    Golf & Gambling

    How does everyone feel about the loosening of rules and burgeoning association between Golf (capital “G”) and professional gambling? I’m no choirboy, but I’m not sure this will end well....
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    Cape Cod or Rhode Island guys 4-5 day golf trip.

    So, a bunch of us normally head to MD/DE for 4 days of golf. For a number of reasons, it doesn’t look like it’ll happen this year. 8 of the group (so far) are thinking of organizing something closer to home (we’re in CT) and thinking of trying a playing up on the Cape, or perhaps RI. (Late...
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    Iron Covers?

    Question; how many (if any) of you ladies and gents use covers on your irons? I had bought a new set of irons last year and after hearing my hard earned $ rattle around in the bag for a few rounds, picked up Face Saver Plus covers for them. I initially thought they were going to be cumbersome...
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    2 Lefties?

    So.... I’m wondering... when was the last time 2 lefties went 1, 2 in a PGA event?? ok, it was 1, T2, but still....
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    White Hot Pro 2.0

    There has to be a thread somewhere here on the Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 line of putters, but I can't seem to find it... so, here I go... As noted in an earlier thread, I was looking for a new short stick and had my heart set on a center shafted Seemore, Cure or the new Huntington Beach #6 CS...
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    Center Shafted Putters Anyone?

    I'm considering a move to a center shafted putter, along the lines of a Cure CX2 or perhaps a SeeMore FGP or MFGP (which look center shafted-ish). I'm a straight back straightforward type of putter, which I've read, is a plus with this style putter... hoping to track some down this week for...
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    Grill Recommendations anyone?

    So, my Weber Genesis gas grill finally bit the dust and i'm looking to replace it. It was my 2nd Weber (gas) and, while longevity was awesome (10-12 years each) i hoped for a bit more consistency with regard to heat, especially with the one that just gave up the ghost. For example, upon...
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    Information Overload!

    Whoa..... my head was spinning a bit. Took a lesson this weekend with my club pro (really, about the second serious lesson ever) and was introduced to the launch monitor (irons exclusively in this session). All i can say is, there is a TON of information being gathered and spit back out for...
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    Where to go from here?

    Hi gang... brand spankin' new member here, though a long time lurker.. After a very tough season, due to disc problems, I finished the season playing quite well...for me. Currently a 17 hdcp, but FINALLY broke 80 recently.. a 79.... with 3 double bogies. I'm very inconsistent... obviously -...

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