1. nicklongdrive

    PGA Superstore Customer Service

    So, I purchased a G425 LST driver this weekend and received it today but there are a couple of things wrong and I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with them rectifying customer service requests. Basically, I ordered an extra stiff but received a stiff and there was no head cover...
  2. nicklongdrive

    DIY Super Speed Stick Training Weights

    So, I figured I would take it upon myself to do some over-speed training before my first Amateur Long Drive competition. But, I was not ultra keen on spending $200 on the SuperSpeed Golf Training sticks. I remembered I had an extra X stiff Tensei Blue with a TaylorMade adapter on it that would...
  3. nicklongdrive

    Clubs for the girlfriend

    Alrighty, I may be breaking the cardinal rule here, but whatever, I'm gonna get her a set of clubs so she has something to do since she misses being being able to play some sort of sport. I took her to Top Golf and with a little a bit of my expertise (I'm not a great player but it seemed the...

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